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Data proliferation is a growing problem, with information typically being generated and stored in multiple systems across the enterprise. The common technique is to copy data from one system into another, when there is a need to utilize information that is present in the other system. This is typically done using ETL or replication technology.  While some applications are best served by copying production data into a data warehouse, there is an opportunity to fundamentally change this paradigm, minimize data redundancy and increase the freshness of data by providing ways to access the data from its native location without moving it.

SAP HANA Smart Data Access makes it possible to access external data, without having to replicate the data to the SAP HANA database beforehand. You can connect supported databases such as e.g. SAP IQ, Teradata and SAP HANA. SAP HANA handles the data sources like local tables on the database (known as "Virtual Tables"). For details and complete lists which databases, versions and exact configurations are supported see SAP Note 1868209 and the SAP HANA Administration Guide.
We published and will continue to publish articles (see below) about the usage of SAP HANA Smart Access together with the SAP  Business Warehouse on HANA on this SCN page.
Feel free to inform us about other details on SAP Smart Data Access in conjunction with the BW which you would like to know by using the “comment section”.

1. Configuration

How can I set up and check a remote source connection?

2. Tips and Tricks

How can I create an Open ODS View of type Virtual Table?

How does a BEx Query execution with SDA look like?

How do statistics on Virtual Tables influence Query execution?

How can fields with different field types be mapped?

What about SDA and NLS?

3. Documentation

SAP HANA Smart Data Access:

SAP Help Portal Smart Data Access

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SAP HANA Administration and Security Guide:

SAP HANA Platform – SAP Help Portal Page

Open ODS View:

Open ODS View - Modeling - SAP Library

SCN Article


SCN Article

4. SAP Consulting notes

2104414 - BW Open ODS View: Query Performance and alphanumeric conversion

2100962 - BW Near-Line Storage with HANA Smart Data Access: Query Performance