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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As you are aware with the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 release we have introduced very useful tool for BI Administrators named SAP BusinessObjects ONE Uninstaller. And as you are aware that this tool was not shipped as part of the package rather it was shipped with the following SAP Note 2846512, as an attachment. And this blog is about the first minor release v1.01.000 of the SAP BusinessObjects ONE Uninstaller.


Points to Note:

  1. Delivery of this patch release v1.00.003 is also done through the same SAP Note 2846512.

  2. Also the future releases of this tool will also be done via the same SAP Note 2846512.

  3. SAP will not maintain the previous versions of this tool with the Note, having said that, you will find only the latest version released for this tool in the Note.

  4. You need to keep the backup of this tool when you plan to start using the latest version of this tool in your BI systems, in case of any unexpected results or blockers with the latest version, you can use previous version of the tool from your backup, until the issue is fixed in the future release.

  5. And the guide which was delivered with the first release as part of the attachment, named “SAP_BusinessObjects_ONE_Uninstaller_Guide.pdf” has been discontinued and will not be shipped further, all the future documentation will be done through the corresponding blogs and the links for the same will be updated in the Note 2846512.

List of features and fixes delivered with this patch release v1.01.000:

  1. Fixed the issue related to hotfix, which is mentioned in the Note 2951139 - ONE Uninstaller fails with NumberFormatException when a hotfix is present.

  2. As mentioned in the previous patch release v1.00.003, now the ONE Uninstaller detects any ongoing Installation operation without any limitations on this feature on all supported platforms. i.e. any update, maintenance or Uninstallation from the same Installation directory and aborts the execution with corresponding error message.

  3. Now ONE Uninstaller shows Operating System version along with Operating System flavor on all BI Platform supported platforms, earlier for Unix platforms it was showing only flavor version information was missing.

  4. Other minor enhancements in logging and error messaging:

    1. Duplicate entry related to install directory is now removed in the log file.

    2. "End of SAP BusinessObjects ONE Uninstaller" line was missing in some cases in the log file, but now it is rectified.

    3. Improved the error message related to Invalid log directory and now it appears as following: "Invalid log directory. Please provide the valid log directory with necessary permissions for writing."

For Information related to all releases and to know how the tool evolved, refer the table available at the end of the Note 2846512