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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

A few years ago (time flies!) I wrote an article about connecting SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 client tools to SAP HANA. Since then there were many requests about updating it with information on the latest versions of the SAP BI solutions and SAP HANA. Finally, instead of creating a huge document, looking like a patchwork of laundry lists, I decided to write a series of short documents on the subject which will appear on the SCN.

The goals of the series are:

  • -Show 'how-to' connect the SAP analytics tools to SAP HANA --> makes life easier for you
  • Provide hints and best practices for a proficient BI set up on HANA --> helps you take the best options
  • Explain 'why' some architectural choices were made by SAP -> makes you more comfortable with the solution

All articles will appear in the list below with their link on SCN. Articles with no link are planned but not avaialble yet (it's a teaser  ).

The articles will specify the version of BI and of HANA they are referring to but overall we are starting from SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP6, Design Studio 1.5, Analysis Office 2.0, SAP Lumira 1.27 and SAP HANA SPS9.

Thanks for reading!

Available content:

BI 4 on HANA - Part 1: General information on SAP Analytics on SAP HANA

BI 4 on HANA- Part 2: Why SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 is the best BI solution on SAP HANA?

BI 4 on HANA-Part 3: Creating shared relational connections to SAP HANA

BI 4 on HANA-Part 4: Creating shared dimensional (OLAP) connections to SAP HANA

BI 4 on HANA-Part 5: Setting up HANA as a datasource for Design Studio and Analysis Office

BI 4 on HANA-Part 6: Setting up HANA as an application server for Design Studio

Available soon:

Universes on SAP HANA (or not?)

SAP Lumira on SAP HANA

Design Studio on SAP HANA

Analysis Office on SAP HANA

WebIntelligence on SAP HANA

Dashboards on SAP HANA