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This blog is intended to summarize the planned enhancements in the release of SAP BI 4. 3 Support Package 3 for BI Launchpad.

List of Enhancements

  1. Pinning the Documents

  2. Showing Document Path

  3. Filter the Instances by Username

  4. Revamped folder page

  5. Fixed Title column during Horizontal Scrolling

  6. Adding Banner messages in BI Launchpad


Pinning the documents in BI Launchpad

Much awaited feature since the BI 4.3 release,  now, users can pin documents in BI Launchpad. These pinned documents are retained even after users log in. With this catchup enhancement BI Platform will bring pinned document information when  BI Landscape is updated from 4.x to 4.3 SP03 release.

How to pin the documents:

  • Open any BI Document

  • Once the document is opened, it becomes available in the quick access dropdown of the BI Launchpad.

  • Click on the Pin icon beside the document name in the dropdown.

Important Note: Promotion Management Tool does not support the promotion of pinned documents

Showing Documents Path in the BI Launchpad

For example, suppose a Web Intelligence document named “Sales Report” is saved in several folders. In that case, it is difficult to identify which particular “Sales Report“ document copy is coming from which folder while viewing the documents list on the All Documents page or Favorites page.  

To handle this situation, In BI 4.3 SP03, a new column named “Folder Path” has been introduced.

In the following image, you can see the improved user experience.


Filter Instances:

Suppose any power user has access to many instances or schedules history that multiple Users schedule. On the Schedule Instances page, it is difficult to identify which instance is scheduled by which user. To address this situation new filter parameter named “Scheduled By” has been introduced.


Revamped folder page

The user experience of the folder page has been revamped to a more simplified look and feel. With this improved Ux, more additional content can be viewed on a single page as an added advantage.



Fixed Title column during Horizontal Scrolling

While viewing a folder page with more columns, the horizontal scroll will not consider the Title column. And the Title column cannot be re-arranged. It will always be the first column. With this, the user conveniently uses the horizontal scrollbar.


Adding the banner message  in BI Launchpad:

Another major catch-up enhancement in BI 4.3 SP03,  now the administrator can set banner messages in BI Launchpad to convey any important announcements as continuous reminders to the end users.

How to set banner messages:

  1. Navigate to <BO_Install_Dir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom

  2. Create a PROPERTIES file with the name “

  3. Open in any text editor and enter the following text
    app.custom.banner.message= Disclaimer Message: This is a confidential report​

  4. Save the file

  5. Re-deploy the BOE.war file; refer to the following note 2723514.