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With SAPPHIRE NOW wrapping in many regions, there isn't a better time to look back and catch up on some of the keynotes, panels, and presentations that you may have missed along the way. Throughout SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Business Technology Platform was a key foundation for the learning journey when looking at becoming and advancing our intelligent enterprises. With this, I am bringing you six sessions that are not to be missed! Through the sessions, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the following areas and many more.

  1. Learn to create flexible processes that support digital transformation

  2. See how SAP solutions and SAP Business Technology Platform can strengthen your competitive edge

  3. Find out how your business can drive innovation in your sector with SAP Business Technology Platform

  4. Learn how SAP Business Technology Platform supports business continuity and the integration of legacy and cloud solutions

  5. Create a balance between investing in innovation while maintaining your company’s legacy systems

Innovation, Agility, and Transformation. Three words that mean so much when we look at the current state of businesses across the world and across industries. We have seen major shifts over the last year, with many companies needing to make quick switches to keep their businesses alive and profitable.

With the pandemic creating many issues over the last year and an end in sight to the global crisis, people will be looking at the world of business differently, which means more companies will start looking at digitization and their digital transformation. That is where SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) comes into play. With SAP BTP, we make it easy for companies to start on and excel every step of the way to their digital transformations. With a comprehensive business and technology platform, SAP BTP will ensure your long-term success.

The event will kick off in the SAPPHIRE NOW Studio with an inspiring Global Keynote, The Enterprise in an Age of Networks, that discussed the lessons from the past year that showed us that a new digital world is emerging in throughout every business. This new world is completely interconnected, where people, relationships, and resources come together to solve the world's greatest challenges. SAP CEO Christian Klein and thought leaders from various industries explored the innovations your business can leverage today to become a more resilient, sustainable, and intelligent enterprise.

Your Foundation Sessions

Just like SAP BTP is the platform for the intelligent enterprise, the keynotes, sessions, and workshops at SAPPHIRE NOW bring you the information you need to innovate in these new and ever-changing times.

On June 7th, the IT track kicked off with Juergen Muller’s keynote, Drive Toward the Intelligent Enterprise with Digital Transformation, which explained real business values driven by enterprise cloud solutions, a business-centric platform, connected business networks, and the RISE with SAP offering. With customers talking about their own use of SAP BTP, we heard from companies such as the San Jose Sharks and Elms, who continue to innovate with their business on top of SAP BTP. Make sure to kick off your learning with SAP experts, SAP customers, and industry analysts who describe innovations in SAP BTP that integrate and extend business processes and applications enterprise-wide that helped turn data into value and to create their intelligent enterprises.

To start, we look at how to Future-Proof your Organization with SAP Business Technology Platform. Connecting your applications, data, and processes from SAP and third-party systems. SAP BTP enables integration, data-to-value, and extensibility of all on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid environments. With the help of SAP, BTP companies will be able to achieve long-term business success and work towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.

From here, we move to what your company can achieve, business agility. Accelerating business transformation with new experiences, optimized processes, and connected applications is more important than ever. It is a devastating fact that this past year has been hard for businesses and has led to many closing their doors for good. This, in part, was due to not being able to change up their structures and make their digital transformation. Continue to innovate and grow. In this session, discover how SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite can help you Achieve Business Agility with SAP Business Technology Platform. Learn how powerful application development, automation, and integration capabilities power SAP BTP.

Now that we have shown you how to future-proof your organization and working towards agility using SAP BTP, we now explore how organizations transformed their customer experiences through people experience innovations. SAP can help businesses Create Innovative People Experiences with SAP Business Technology Platform. With SAP, businesses can create a more agile and productive future using SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite and SAP BTP.

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business Technology Platform is the next step in your essentials for SAP BTP at SAPPHIRE. Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise is all about the enterprises using data to feed their intelligence and enhance their business. SAP's holistic integration approach goes far beyond the technical integration of applications, work to integrate both technology and business processes to deliver significant value to your business, helping you become an Intelligent Enterprise.

Finally, we are ready to Unleash Line-of-Business Innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform to drive innovation, provide deeper insights into data, and accelerate implementation efforts. Join us as Mohawk Industries, and FARYS share how they delivered sustainable operations, next-gen customer service, and sophisticated analytics across procurement and finance with the extensive power that SAP BTP brings to their companies.

These sessions are not only informative but tell a story of how SAP BTP can help your company move to the next level and not get left behind in a sea of innovation. We hope that by the end of SAPPHIRE NOW, you will have a good understanding of what SAP BTP can do to help elevate your company to new heights through your digital transformation.

Don’t Miss a Thing!

With so much happening, it can be easy to get lost when moving towards your digital transformation. With SAP BTP, we focus on three customer scenarios, Integration, Data-to-Value, and Extensibility, to make sure your company moves not only where you envision it but also where it will be most successful moving forward. Whether you are just starting your journey or are established in your digital transformation, SAP BTP can work with your company to propel you to that next level of innovation and help fix the challenges that cause lag and delays costing time and money. The wide variety of SAP solutions help to make life easier and make your company work smarter, not harder.

Find recordings of the SAPPHIRE NOW SAP BTP sessions here and tailor your experience to what works best for you. To learn more about SAP BTP and how it can bring your company to the next level of digital transformation, visit

Want to learn more about SAP BTP? Find some great articles on the SAP Community Topic Pages for SAP BTP, and I encourage you to visit the Q&A page for SAP BTP to ask any questions you have by using the SAP BTP tag.

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