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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We are happy to launch SAP Business Client 8.00, together with SAP GUI for Windows 8.00.

The Fiori 3 theme Quartz Light will be the standard theme.

What's New with 8.00?

Inplace Navigation

Using a FLP connection in the SAP Business Client combines UI5 apps and SAP GUI transactions rendered natively in one central entry point. In the past, those natively rendered transactions had always to be shown in a new tab. Compared to the FLP running in a standalone browser with SAPGUI for HTML transactions inplace (if configured accordingly), this has been an obvious user experience gap.

With the SAP Business Client 8.00, it is now possible to perform the same navigations inplace while still using the native SAPGUI for Windows rendering.

You decide if your SAP GUI for Windows transaction is opened in a new tab or inplace.


Separate Theming for Shell and System Selector

With SAP Business Client 8.00, it is now possible to separately theme the system connection dialog (System Selector) and the connection-related main windows (Shell windows).  

In the Settings UI, you can now select a ‘Shell Theme’ and a ‘System Selection Theme’. If you’d like to stick to the used theming behavior, the default value ‘Use Shell Theme’ of the setting ‘System Selection Theme’ is the right choice.  

Focus on Edge

Focus on the Edge WebView2 browser control - Goodbye Cef Chromium (see: Microsoft Edge in SAP Business Client).

Even though Microsoft announced the de-support for Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer Control will remain to be supported and working, see note 3090354

SAP Build Work Zone Integration

The SAP Business Client 8.00 integrates SAP Build Work Zone. Thus, the Business Client provides a single point of access for different UI technologies and application types. 

Favorite Export

With SAP Business Client 8.00 it’s possible to export the favorites of one user and import them with another user or machine. 

Export Favorites


With 8.00, we offer a new History UI. The History UI can be accessed by the main window menu or by choosing “Ctrl+H”.

In the History UI you will see a listing of connection-related applications and transactions and unrelated browser URLs. Like you would expect, the history can be easily filtered, searched and of course deleted partly or completely.

History UI

Settings UI moved to main window

Similar to standalone browsers and according to recent UX expectations, we have moved the Settings UI into the Business Client’s main window. Changes to the settings are directly saved now, except for file paths, which have to be applied first. 

Additional Features

  • Support SAP GUI for Windows 64-bit version

  • Installer to remove previous SAP Business Client releases


Additional Information

Support Timeline (current planning)

*Refer to SAP Note 2302074 (SAP Business Client) and SAP Note 147519 (SAP GUI for Windows) for details


SAP Business Client 8.00 (new features)
Useful Notes


Prerequisites and Known Issues (3220574)

SAP Business Client 8.00 expected releases (3278341)
Help Portal Documentation

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