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(latest update April, 2020)

SAP Business Client 6.0 was the new name* for the latest version of SAP NetWeaver Business Client in 2018 (not anymore, current version is 7.0, PL10)

*not new anymore = out of support

Current information see here:


With SAP Business Client 6.0 for the first time you can launch SAP GUI  transactions directly from the SAP Fiori Launchpad (using the embedded SAP GUI for Windows)! Other clients by default launch SAP GUI for HTML.

This blog also includes links to videos showing  how to add a SAP GUI for Windows tile to the integrated SAP Fiori launchpad (+configuration of RFC destinations in case you are using remote system).



There are back-end dependencies for the full usage of the SAP Fiori launchpad connection which is related to SAP Fiori launchpad resources on the front-end server. To be able to render transactions with SAP GUI for Windows, the front-end server requires at least User Interface Add-On 2.0 SP01 for SAP NetWeaver or SAP_UI 750 SP01 (latter already included in your NW 7.40 license*).

We recommend to always install the latest version of the SAP Fiori Front-End Server to simplify the implementation of SAP Fiori Apps and to run the SAP Fiori launchpad within SAP BC on the ABAP stack.

*UI-Add-On only needed for older releases as e.g. 7.0 up to 7.31. A successsor version of UI Add-On is not planned. More information see in the following very useful blog by Oliver Stiefbold: SAP Fiori Front-end Server Installation Guide

Backend system requirements are also described in the documentation, chapter Business Client Versions, on SAP Help Portal.

SAP GUI for Windows 7.40.


Relevant SAP Notes

Software, operating system and browser requirements as well as restrictions are listed in SAP Note 2227396. Planned release dates for the next patch can be found in SAP Note 2227431.

SAP GUI for Windows cannot be started, Business Client will start SAP GUI for HTML instead? See note 2318483




SAP Business Client on SAP Help Portal.

SAP Business Client 6.0 – The Next Generation of NWBC Integrating Fiori Launchpad



Download SAP BC latest version for free on SAP Service Marketplace:,

then search in A-Z Index under B (NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT)


SAP Business Client 6.0 Setup

For the efficient distribution of SAP Business Client across workstations we strongly recommand to set up an Installation Server. More information see SAP Front End Installation Guide.

What's New


SAP Business Client offers an integration of the SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP) to allow a unified SAP Fiori user experience. The end user can click on a tile in the FLP to open an SAP GUI transaction.


Integration of the SAP Fiori Launchpad:

  • Launch SAP GUI transactions using embedded SAP GUI for Windows

  • SAP Fiori Launchpad as start page

  • Additional system connection type (Fiori connection)**

  • Business role configuration purely SAP Fiori Launchpad-based

Other benefits:

  • SAP Blue Crystal as default theme

  • Option to keep the System Selector dialog box open



SAP Business Client 6.0 is fully downward compatible with NWBC 5.0. Migration from 5.0 to 6.0 = easy!


How-to do it Step by Step: Integration of  the SAP Fiori launchpad into Business Client


The SAP Fiori launchpad content consists of Fiori tile catalogs and groups which are assigned to the end user using PFCG roles. This content is created and configured in the Fiori launchpad Designer and than assigned to the user (PFCG).

Basically you have to proceed the following steps:

  1. Create catalogs (FLP Designer)

  2. Create tiles+target mapping (FLP Designer)

  3. (optional) Create group and assign tiles (FLP Designer)

  4. Create PFCG roles

  5. Assing catalog/group to role (PFCG)

  6. Assign user to role (PFCG)

Steps in detail are described in carola.steinmaierblog in the User Interface Technology space.

Once the content is created, configured  and assigned you just start your SAP Fiori launchpad connection in Business Client 6.0. As mentioned in the beginning the following videos show how to create, configure and add SAP GUI for Windows tiles to your launchpad and how to configure RFC destinations in case your using remote system ( details see: Configuring remote systems in SM59).

Video Description Video (You Tube)

Business Client 6.0 (PL2) long version (6:56):  Learn  how to add a SAP GUI for Windows tile to SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP) integrated in Business Client 6.0 as your start page (via FLP connection type). See how to configure RFC destinations in case you are using remote system. See the difference between FLP within BC and browser.

Note: To open transaction in remote system you have to define RFC destination (Fiori Launchpad Designer ->Configure Target Mapping->System Alias). No RFC calls are executed and only some of the RFC destination settings are evaluated.

Business Client 6.0 (PL0) short version (4:27): Showing how to add a SAP GUI tile to FLP using Fiori Launchpad Designer.

Outline of the pretty short procedure described in the video:

  1. Open the new SAP Fiori launchpad conection in SAP Business Client 6.0

  2. Open SAP Fiori launchpad designer

  3. Create a catalog or enhance an existing one

  4. Create a new tile

  5. Configure your tile

  6. Add the tile to your SAP Fiori launchpad



**To make the Fiori launchpad usable for end users, they need certain authorizations. For details see Assigning Users to Roles.



For configuration and administration see: SAP Business Client for Desktop 6.0 Setup

See also SAP Business Client* and SAP S/4HANA**


With NWBC 5.0, PL7 (+ upgrade to NW 7.5 or SAP NetWeaver UI Add-Ons, version 2, SP0) you can integrate Fiori apps in a standard PFCG role:

Integrating NWBC 5.0 and Fiori Apps