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In today's business and technology environment there is a great need to simplify integrations and create a harmonized environment between organizations and their external partners. SAP Business Challenge Network brings a new way of addressing this problem by building the bridge between the SAP ecosystem and academic partners.

In the first pilot of its challenge category Integration, SAP Business Challenge Network brought together and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. This joint project aimed to refine and improve existing business processes through the integration of real time data from a non-SAP solution into SAP S/4HANA system. is a “Manufacturing Intelligence” startup from Aachen that simplifies the management in a complex production environment by transforming data into knowledge. As part of their module “Cloud based Information Systems”, lectured by professor christian.drumm, students from FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences got to work with SAP products on real business scenarios and had the mission to synchronize production orders between the platform and SAP S/4HANA system by using SAP Business Technology Platform’s Integration Suite. The project was orchestrated by SAP curators, mmarek and marco.ertel, who took over the role of the bridge makers between the stakeholders and supported the students to overcome the obstacles when presented. “We had some difficulties but with sharp thinking and especially with the constant day and night support from Marek Vernicek and Marco Ertel we were able to overcome all the problems”, shared chrispaus, one of the students from FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Bringing partnerships to the next level

Within five months the students from FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences exceeded all the expectations and were able to do a full integration from the production planning to the production order confirmation. This was possible to do inside of the SAP S/4HANA ERP system without any manual effort from factory workers, contributing to a minimally invasive approach. “My expectations were actually far exceeded. I was hoping that the students would be able to update production orders in SAP S/4HANA. So basically, a one-way integration. That they were able to implement the complete round trip was much more than I thought would be possible”, shared Professor christian.drumm.

Through the achieved full integration between the platform and SAP S/4HANA system, and SAP now can extend their offerings and create added value for joint customers to accelerate their path to an intelligent enterprise.“We are convinced that the project of the closed loop process of production orders with SAP S/4HANA and will help our common customers to improve their equipment productivity. With this project we were able to create a working prototype to show our customers”, said Prof. Dr. Markus Focke founder of

Prof. Dr. Markus Focke, founder of, shares his experience with SAP Business Challenge Network (Video created by him and made available to the SAP Business Challenge Network Team for further use)

Delivering our Mission

Today integration is more than ever one of the key priorities to deliver our mission to help the world run better. With SAP Business Challenge Network, it is possible to create and consolidate a Win-Win-Win environment for all parties involved. SAP employees get the chance to accelerate their professional development through managing a project, “This program perfectly fulfilled my expectations, it has been one of the best experiences I have had in SAP, and I am hoping for some more chances in the future”, shared mmarek . Further, SAP and its ecosystem make it possible to integrate end-to-end business processes and experiences and bring value to their joint customers and to adapt, stay agile, deliver quickly and drive their desired business outcomes. Finally, SAP academic partners get the chance to turn their theoretical learning into tangible practice by using and getting hands on SAP BTP offerings, “I very much enjoy this type of learning. Being able to work on real products in real environments is much more enlightening than just pure theoretical learning”, said Christoph Pausacker.


The SAP Curator Experience

mmarek shares his experience as an SAP Curator (Video created by him and made available to the SAP Business Challenge Network Team for further use)

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