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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Business Application Studio  has recently been released to customers on Azure, AWS, Ali-Cloud.

To learn more, there is a central blog  with links to useful information, supported scenarios, migration guides from WebIDE to next generation SAP Business Application Studio and hands-on tutorials.

There is also a nice PDF available hear ,you can download from


Please refer to the official documentation for the most up-to-date information.


What is SAP Business Application studio?

A modern development environment tailored for efficient development of business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Business Application Studio provides desktop-like experience like leading IDEs (i.e look & feel of Eclipse Theia IDE which embraces Microsoft Visual Studio Code design principles and extensions) with command line, integrated debugging and optimized code editors.

SAP Business Application Studio supports customers and partners in developing and extending SAP solutions, seamlessly integrating SAP services, technologies, and solutions.

What about existing WebIDE?

To (the best of) my knowledge, SAP Web IDE customers can continue using SAP Web IDE.It is available and supported on SCP production accounts.

There is also no new development scenario available for the NEO environment , you can see SAP strategy to provide SAP Cloud Platform on a multicloud foundation  & encourage to move to SAP Business Application Studio ,hear is migration guide to sap-business-application-studio


An important update about Trial account WebIDE hear

On November 13, 2020 the SAP Cloud Platform, Neo trial environment will be discontinued and as a result SAP Web IDE Full-Stack trial will also be discontinued.

If you have an existing Neo trial account, you can continue using it including SAP Web IDE Full-Stack until November 13, 2020.

Migrating SAP Fiori Applications from SAP Web IDE to SAP Business Application Studio


Is App Studio is available for SAP NEO environment also ?

SAP Business Application Studio is only available in SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment (Azure, Ali-Cloud, Amazon AWS)  i.e via SAP Cloud platform

There's also no development scenario available for the NEO environment in the general documentation:

SAP Cloud Platform, Neo customers can continue using Full stack SAP Web IDE as a development environment.


You can deploy to SAP Cloud Platform CF, SAP Cloud Platform ABAP


Where to get App Studio ?

Available as a cloud service for SAP’s Multi-cloud environment Azure, AWS, Ali-Cloud.

(as an evolution of SAP Web IDE)


How to Get it Trail Account ?

Follow Steps :

Try out SAP Business Application Studio in the trial environment.

One Time Activity (Free trial Account  for 365 Days  )

Step 1 – You can get a  trial Account on

Refer :  How to get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform 

Step 2 –Subscribe to SAP Business Application Studio

Refer : Set Up SAP Business Application Studio for Development 



Note : For development Account in your organization  : Ask SAP account manager of your company/Account/Infra Admin to add your user to role Collection “ Business_Application_Studio_Developer on SAP Cloud Platform


Switch to subscriptions view and add SAP Business Application Studio subscription to subaccount


Form Welcome page you can see "Create Project From Template" depends on application type (DevSpace ,you created) you will get project template to generate projects like CPA, Fiori Elements or SAP UI projects

Please follow below tutorials section

Welcome Page

if you close welcome page in APP Studio ,how to get it back, it is easy.

Just remember one thing in APP Studio every thing will be available in Commands

Command palette :

View > Find Command (or F1 keyboard shortcut).

For the welcome page, simply type "welcome" and the command will be filtered as shown in below Screenshot


SAP Business Application Studio enables you to connect and interact with the Git control system & Git repositories,you can  Connect to Your Corporate Git System


Once the welcome page is available, there's a short to git clone in it.


SAP Business Application Studio provides a graphical user interface for executing Git commands and managing your source control and versioning.
or you can also manually perform other Git commands from the Command Palette or terminal.

So you have 3 choices

1)Graphical user interface

2) Command Palette

3) Terminal


As per SAP Note SAP Business Application Studio is available with the following payment models:

  • Consumption-based pricing

Customers can prepay for consumption of Cloud Platform services with cloud credits.

  • Subscription based pricing

Customers can purchase the SAP Business Application service for a fixed price. Contact your account executive to purchase SAP Business Application Studio.

*This is the current state of planning and may be changed by SAP at any time.

Why  App Studio (Capabilities)?

For a preconfigured environment, use SAP Business Application Studio which comes with all of the required tools preinstalled, you no need to put efforts in setting development environment or deployment environment

APP Studio comes With predefined set of development environments, auto tools, plugins installed  – Dev-Spaces (virtual machine on the cloud where you can develop, build, test and run using pre-installed runtimes and tools) tailored for developing SAP business scenarios.

Provides desktop like experience in the cloud  with terminal (CLI) access, optimized code editors, debugger, Git and local test run, providing more control over the environment.


Application Types

You can build business applications for SAP multi-cloud environment (CF) for the following use cases:

  1. SAP S/4HANA extensions.

  2. Business services and full stack business applications using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) with Java or Node.js.

  3. Fiori freestyle apps for SAP multi-cloud environment (CF).

  4. Fiori Elements

  5. Mobile services

  6. SAP HANA applications or analytical models ,SAP HANA Tools (Preview)

  7. Fiori Launchpad

Also Support for

  1. CDS Graphical Editor

  2. SAP UI5 Adaptation Project (extend SAP UI5 application )

  3. SQLite Database

  4. HANA

  5. Git

  6. MTA Build

  7. Java

  8. Maven

  9. Nodejs

  10. Cloud Foundry Deployment      more ...

keep track of its progress hear


What is Dev Space in App Studio

It is like isolated virtual machines for cloud with pre-installed tools, extensions, SDK’s ,software

For example as A developer of SAP CAP Java ( you no need to install Java, Eclipse ,Maven

Similarly if you are developing SAP CAP Node JS(

Then you no need to install nodejs, npm

SAP APP Studio comes with pre-install configuration. You just need browser, no additional software, OS required


You can create one or more Development Spaces.

Each Dev Space is isolated with other

You can chose which tools, extensions will be installed automatically on your dev space by selecting the suitable application type : Example SAP CAP or Fiori or Mobile Services… etcYou can also choose Basic then install extension manually

SAP Cloud Business Application Dev Space

Build business services and business applications and extend S/4HANA using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, Fiori and Java or Node.js.

SAP Fiori Dev Space

Develop, test, build, and deploy SAP Fiori freestyle or SAP Fiori elements applications to SAP Cloud Platform. This dev space contains a comprehensive set of tools, such as best practice templates, code assist, code validation, service modelling, and application modelling and preview.

For Example, you will get

    SAPUI5 Layout Editor :Which comes with Allows you to visually develop your XML view

   SAP Fiori tools : Allows you to simplify the development of SAP Fiori elements applications by



Set Up SAP Business Application Studio for Development (Trail)


How to use github in sap business application studio)
CAP (Java Stack) Tutorials

SAP UI5 ,SAP Cloud Platform (CF) Tutorials

# All Tutorials/Hands on Exercises :


Blog :


In case you have a question, find a bug, or otherwise need support, please use SAP community.

keep track of its progress hear

Visit the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center to learn about the licensing model for SAP

Business Application Studio or purchase through the SAP store.