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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

We’ve been busy 😊

We have spent the last year bringing you power-packed features that will help you increase your productivity, create your applications quickly and decrease time while setting up your application development environments.

SAP Business Application Studio moved to Microsoft Code OSS (the open-source IDE that powers VS Code) last year. This has meant that the learning curve to switch over to SAP Business Application Studio from Visual Studio Code (arguably the most popular IDE amongst SAP extension developers) has reduced drastically. Many developers are now making the switch as they find the productivity tools of SAP Business Application Studio more convenient while building SAP extensions.

Here's the highlight reel of the latest and greatest innovations in SAP Business Application Studio from this year:

Launch of SAP Build Code at TechEd 2023

SAP Build Code provides a unified AI-powered development environment that combines SAP Business Application Studio with Cloud Application Programming (CAP), UI5, Mobile services, and associated runtime/infrastructure services like CI/CD, Authorization, and Audit Logging, to easily onboard, deploy and run full stack applications. Read more

Joule in SAP Build Code

Generative AI is all the rage these days and SAP Build Code comes with Joule, the innovative AI copilot of SAP. Joule is integrated with SAP Business Application Studio and lets you use natural language to describe a use case to generate data models, oData APIs, and contextual sample data. In addition, you can use Joule to write application logic and generate unit tests. Joule becomes available with SAP Build Code.

Startup time

One of the major improvements this year is the reduction in the startup time of a dev space. A new dev space can be provisioned and opened in under a minute and even the largest of dev spaces can open within a few minutes. We continue to work on shaving off startup times and you can expect to see more improvement soon on this front.

Performance and stability

Along with startup time, we have been working on improving performance and stability. This has been noticed and especially appreciated by the developer community. As with the previous topic, this also continues to be on our watch list of improvements.


This year, the storyboard became the new landing page inside the Full-Stack Application with Productivity Tools dev space and also got a major revamp. The storyboard is a key feature that lets you visualize the whole application semantically as building blocks and shows how each component is connected to others in the application. Read more

Run Configurations

A developer spends considerable time testing and debugging his/her application. S/he needs to test it in different modes such as with live data, remote services, etc. The Run Configurations tool in SAP Business Application Studio lets you do that and much more easily. Read more

Multi-tenant application with CAP

Many of our customers want to build multi-tenant applications for their organizations. With the new feature in SAP Business Application Studio, you can now create your multi-tenant application with just one click and make it available to your consumers just as easily. Read more

Events from S/4HANA and S/4HANA Cloud

Our customers have many use cases that require the consumption of real-time events from S/4HANA and S/4HANA Cloud. Creating an application that consumes events in CAP can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We now allow developers to browse S/4HANA Cloud and on-premise standard events available in SAP Business Accelerator Hub via the Service Center and to consume events easily while taking care of all the plumbing behind the scenes. See this video to know more.

CAP service consumption in SAP Build Apps

Many developers creating applications with SAP Build Apps like to use a CAP service as their backend. With the new destination auto-generation feature, you can now deploy a CAP service and make it discoverable via SAP Build Apps with the click of a button. No more messy destination creation to deal with. Read more

HANA XSA deployment

SAP Business Application Studio can now be used to create and deploy database, analytics, and intelligent data applications projects from the SAP Business Technology Platform into your on-premise environment. See this video to learn more.

UI5 extensibility

This year, we spent a considerable time to bring the last of the feature parity use cases from Web IDE to Business Application Studio. The last remaining topics were related to UI5 extensibility – specifically creating a new extension or adaptation project. With this, we hope that the migration from Web IDE to Business Application Studio is made smoother. Read more 

Use Python on SAP Business Application Studio

Many developers want to access SAP HANA data and then build machine learning models using Python. This is now possible via the new Python extension in BAS. Read more

Open SAP Business Application Studio on Visual Studio Code

A new extension on Visual Studio Code now allows you to connect to your SAP Business Application Studio dev space from Visual Studio Code. Read more

What's next?

If this has you excited, we have many more exciting features in store for you in 2024.

Drop us an email at or comment on this post to talk to us regarding all things SAP Business Application Studio.

Until next time, happy coding!