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In the new era of cloud , where we are moving towards Cloud Foundry environment , a next generation development environment is also required catering to the needs of developer.

Hence SAP Business Application Studio.

What is it ????

SAP Business Application Studio is a next generation, tailor made development environment available as a service on SAP Cloud Foundry which offers a modular development for business application for SAP Intelligent Enterprise.

Here developers can utilize more than 1 development space which are isolated from each other and let you run the application without deploying on Cloud Platform using its powerful terminal


CAP - SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

it is an open and opinionated model , which provides framework of libraries , languages and tools for the development of enterprise grade applications . It provides some best practices and guides developer with out of the box solutions for some common problems.

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So lets get started 


  1. SAP Cloud Platform Account (Foundry ) - Data center available  

  2. Subscribed to SAP Business Application Studio

  3. Relevant Roles for accessing the service - Authorization Management

  4. SAP HANA Service hdi-shared


After Accessing the application

Create a Dev Space

Step 1 : Click on Create Dev Space


Step 2: Create Dev Space - Enter Name and Select SAP Cloud Business Application as a category


Start Developing

  1. Open new terminal


2. type cd projects , to change the directly.

3.  setting up the project
mvn -B archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=cds-services-archetype \
-DarchetypeVersion=1.2.0 -DcdsVersion=3.21.2 \ -DartifactId=products-service


Open your project in the Studio




Lets Make CDS files

  1. Navigate to db , create a file schema.cds

    entity Products {
    title : localized String(20);
    descr : localized String(100);
    stock : Integer;
    price : Decimal(9,2);
    key id :Integer;


  2. Navigate to srv , create a file service.cds
    using { as db } from '../db/schema';

    service AdminService {
    entity Products as projection on db.Products;

  3. From terminal navigate to cd product-service using terminal.

  4. type mvn clean install - to compile the project using terminal .

  5. Now go to srv -> src -> main -> resources and open application.yaml and replace the content
    profiles: default
    url: "jdbc:sqlite:/home/user/projects/products-service/sqlite.db"
    driver-class-name: org.sqlite.JDBC
    initialization-mode: never​

  6. installing SAP HANA DB deployer
    npm install --save-dev --save-exact @sap/hdi-deploy@3.7.0​

  7. login into CF account - using terminal type cf login and select the space

  8. initialize DB and create SAP HANA Service instance - please make sure , you have the entitlement using terminal type , kindly type it manually
    cds deploy --to hana:bookstore-hana​

  9. Go to srv->pom.xml and add the dependency

  10. Time to run the application in the terminal
    mvn spring-boot:run​



  11. Click on Expose and Open on the left Bottom and press Enter

  12. Go Back to Application Studio and open new terminal

  13. Test the service with POST call
    curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/odata/v4/AdminService/Products \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{ "title": "Product 1", "descr":"sample product ","stock":20,"price":100.60,"id":1 }'

  14. Now Lets check the service from step 11 , open Products and you shall be able to view the saved data


After successfully following these steps , you would be able to complete the setting up of SAP Business Application Studio on SAP Cloud Platform (Foundry) , creating an application using CAP , connecting it to SAP HANA Service and performing POST , GET operation on your ODATA service.


These are the screenshots taken from our SAP Cloud Platform account.