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SAP Business Application Studio, the cloud-based development environment for SAP’s Multi-cloud environment, offers a simplified developer experience for the business application developer and a set of productivity tools improving the developer efficiency.

As of September 2021 SAP announced the availability of SAP AppGyver, with that SAP will offer new no code composition development environment.

Furthermore, SAP announced its commitment to enable the business application developer to easily create applications on SAP Business Technology Platform. To support the full spectrum of development skills, together with the announcement of SAP Appgyver, for the first time also low-code development environment will now be supported with SAP Business Application Studio. Enterprise business application developers based on their developments skills will now have a choice of tools to create new business applications on top of the SAP  platform

With the release of SAP’s low-code  developer tools, SAP Business Application Studio aims to allow more users with minimal to no software development experience to develop business Applications by offering a new set of tools and guidance, which is the focus of this blog.

Welcome, low-code development experience

In this blog, I would like to share with you more details about the value offered by SAP Business Application Studio for low-code application development. This will allow you to learn what you can benefit from.

SAP Business Application Studio supports customers and partners in developing and extending SAP solutions, seamlessly integrating SAP services, technologies, and solutions.

With the low-code developer experience, SAP Business Application Studio helps users who are more business oriented and less technical to develop Business Applications (the so called citizen developer).


SAP Business Application Studio for low-code development includes the following capabilities:

  • Simplified view of the integrated development environment

SAP Business Application studio is a powerful IDE, providing full developer flexibility with different tools and configurations allowing Business Application developers to fit it best to their needs.

SAP Business Application Studio for low-code development offers a simplified view of the IDE, reducing the number of options and screen elements, by that, allowing the low-code developer to focus on their needs in an environment that fits best their skillset.


  • Visual tools for the entire End to end application development (no mandatory coding activity)

With the low-code developer experience of SAP business Application Studio, developers can now build an enterprise ready SAP cloud business Application including:

  • Data models and services

  • Fiori User interfaces for desktop and multi-channel

  • Workflows


For offering a low-code end to end developer experience, the following visual tools aims to provide an intuitive developer experience:

The project homepage

The project homepage provides you a holistic view of the different application components composing your application.

It is where you can create, view and edit the different components and allows you to preview your application and deploy it to your target BTP environment.



The Application Storyboard

The Storyboard provides a graphical overview of your application components (data models, services, and UI front ends), as well as the connections between them.

This allows you to quickly understand your application’s structure and components, and to edit the different components by navigating to the component domain editor (e.g: data modeler, UI editor).

You can move, zoom in and out, and expand and collapse single objects, or all objects at once



The project explorer

The project explorer displays application components as a logical view, that simplifies browsing of the contents of your application.

On the left side of your screen, you can find the Project Explorer in the workspace.

The Project Explorer contains the below sections:

  • Project (Home and Storyboard)

  • Data Models and Services

  • Mobile-Centric, Freestyle Application

  • Template-Based, Responsive Application

You can open application components in their respective editors from the context menu of each section.


Data models and services graphical editor

The CDS graphical modeler allows you to create view and edit your application data and services in an intuitive user experience.

The graphical modeler helps you to easily understand the different application data structures and services including the entities, properties, relations and annotations


Wizards for adding new application components​

A wizard based guided developer experience is offered for adding a new component to your application (e.g.: Fiori UIs, Workflows)


Workflow modeling

The workflow modeling tools allows you to easily add workflows to your application. CAP services can be workflow enabled (e.g. to start a workflow or complete user tasks), supported by the CDS Graphical Modeler. Additionally, the Workflow Editor now offers MDK as UI technology for User Tasks.


Usage of sample data for your application development

You can easily use sample data for test running your application during development, either by importing sample data from an existing CSV data file, or by creation of a new sample data for your project.

You can easily enhance your sample data with the sample data editor (add or delete rows, edit data):


One click preview and deployment of your application

During your application development you can easily test run it by clicking the preview button on the application homepage.

The application launch-page will be opened where you can trigger the preview of your different application components (services, Fiori UIs).

Once the development is ready, you can use the deploy button on the application homepage for deploying it to your BTP environment.



The Preview page enables you to easily navigate to the different application components (Web applications, services etc.) :



Full flexibility of additional development tools

One of the advantages of using Business Application Studio low-code offering, is having the ability of users to add additional development and productivity tools that would fit their needs and skills.

For example, if you would like to open the file structure view of your project, you can open it with the “view->explorer” menu item selection.



Get started today

The low-code offering of SAP Business Application Studio takes the experience of developing solutions for SAP Intelligent Enterprise to the next level. As it evolves, additional scenarios, capabilities, content and know-how will be added.

We invite you to try out the new low-code offering of Business Application Studio, you can start by running our new tutorial “Develop Full-Stack App Using Low-Code Capabilities of SAP Business Application Studio”.