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SAP Build is SAP’s low-code offering, designed to empower business users to easily build business applications. SAP Build brings together SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGyver), SAP Build Process Automation (formerly SAP Process Automation), and SAP Build Work Zone (formerly SAP Work Zone and SAP Launchpad service) into a unified development experience with new innovations to rapidly build apps, automate processes, and create business sites.

SAP Build Work Zone unifies SAP Launchpad service and SAP Work Zone into a single offering  empowering business users to build & publish business sites.

SAP Build Work Zone securely integrates with the customers’ enterprise systems establishing a central access point to applications, processes, information and data on any device, from desktop or mobile. It maximizes team productivity by enabling guided experiences and knowledge sharing.

To summarize, SAP Build Work Zone brings together SAP Launchpad service and SAP Work Zone into a unified business site builder offering:

  • SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (formally SAP Launchpad service)

  • SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition (formally SAP Work Zone)

SAP Build Work Zone is planned to be available to customers in three editions:

  1. SAP Start: built on the SAP build Work Zone foundations, SAP start (currently in beta) provides a central home page for SAP (Public) Cloud solutions.

  2. Standard edition (formally SAP Launchpad service): allows users to create a central, personalized entry point for their enterprise applications. This allows users to be more productive in completing their day-to-day tasks.The standard edition extends SAP Start with extensibility options, connectivity to Cloud & on-premise systems, and ability to build a navigation menu with multiple workpages; one of the key recent enhancements (currently in beta) is the ability to deploy and integrate UI integration Cards in the standard edition.

  3. Advanced edition (formally SAP Work Zone) extends the standard edition by empowering business users to build & publish site content, mashup unstructured content with business data, and leverage premium pre-packaged SAP content.

Please watch the short interview Diego Dora, a veteran SAP Mentor, and I did discussing these latest news about SAP Build Work Zone:

If you would like to learn more about SAP Build Work Zone, please refer to the product roadmaps which are available in the following links: standard edition and advanced edition. In addition, we have recently published multiple detailed videos explaining SAP Build Work Zone.

SAP Start is available to customers in a beta program, as well as the new experience for SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (formally SAP Launchpad service). In SAP Build Work Zone,  standard edition beta release, you can experience the integration of UI Integration Cards, new page builder with drag&drop functionality, and ability to upload content packages delivered by SAP, customer or partners. Register here to join the Beta release.

I would like to conclude this blog with some recommended sessions at SAP TechEd 2022:

  • Lectures & breakout​ session:

    • AD100: Improve Employee Productivity with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

    • AD101: Speed Business Transformation with App Development and Automation Tools

    • AD200: Discover SAP´s Strategy for SAP Start and SAP Build Work Zone

    • AD300: Extending and Developing with SAP Work Zone

    • AP300: Explore the Capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

  • Onsite & Virtual workshops​

    • AD280: Beginning-to-End Configuration of SAP Build Work Zone, Standard Edition

    • AD260: Build Your Own Digital Experience with SAP Work Zone

Find more information about SAP Build Work Zone on SAP Community.