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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You might remember that we announced SAP Build at SAP TechEd 2022 with SAP Build Work Zone as part of the new SAP Build portfolio.

Now with the start of SAP Sapphire season 2023, I would like to give you an update about SAP Build Work Zone. In this blog you will be informed on: our planned SAP Sapphire sessions, feature highlights and what to expect in the second half of 2023, SAP Start at SAP Sapphire (and how SAP Start is related to SAP Build Work Zone), information about a great SAP Build Work Zone reference story and much more.

Sessions with SAP Build Work Zone Focus

You can find the sessions as part of SAP Build portfolio. Note that this year all SAP Build Work Zone sessions are presented together with customers and partners.

BTP190: Supercharge Productivity with Engaging Business Sites: Learn how SAP runs SAP Build Work Zone in the BTP190 Strategy Talk. Listen to SAP IT people sharing their migration story from SAP Jam to SAP Build Work Zone involving 15 million documents, 145 TB of data, and around 30 system integrations.

BTP221: Improve Employee Productivity with SAP Build Work Zone: Heartland Dental thrives on SAP Build Work Zone: Learn about how this dentistry-support organization leverages SAP Build Work Zone to improve ~1700 dentist offices’ operations. See also SAP Innovation Award entry for Heartland Dental.

BTP193: Build Supplier Collaboration Portals with SAP Build Work Zone: See a Supplier Portal in-action: Attend the demo session BTP193 to experience the simplicity of building supplier collaboration portals with SAP Build Work Zone. SAP customer and partner ConvergentIS will share their product experience.

SAP Build Work Zone is also part of session BTP161: Find Out What’s Next for SAP Build: Learn what is planned next for SAP’s low-code SAP Build solutions. They include the SAP Build Apps tool for use in app development, the SAP Build Process Automation solution for use in business process automation, and SAP Build Work Zone for use in creating business sites and a central entry point for SAP solutions.

For an overview on all SAP Build sessions: see this blog post.

SAP Runs SAP Build Work Zone

At SAP Sapphire 2023, we are very proud to present you an outstanding reference story for SAP Build Work Zone. This story is also very interesting for customers who are still using SAP Jam Collaboration (in maintenance mode) and are looking for a migration/transition to another solution without bigger project effort.

November 25, 2022 was the date when all SAP employees (and also some external users) were provided a new digital collaborative workplace with SAP Build Work Zone replacing SAP Jam. With around 600,000 users, comprising 111,000 employees across nearly 160 nationalities and around 500,000 external users, SAP needed to make the move as seamless and painless as possible. After a smooth move to SAP Build Work Zone, employees and external users now enjoy an outstanding experience that not only provides centralized access to applications, processes, Web content, knowledge, and information but also lets them design business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity. On top of this it’s easy to integrate data from SAP and third-party applications to enrich the experience.

More information: read the official reference story.

And watch our reference video.

SAP Sapphire session BTP190 is mainly dedicated to this topic, if you are onsite in Orlando, do not miss the chance to join the session.

What to Expect in 2023 from SAP Build Work Zone

At SAP Sapphire we provided you an overview of the feature highlights of Q1 and Q2 2023 for SAP Build Work Zone standard and advanced edition, as for example:

  • New commercial option for external-facing access scenarios scenarios, such as Partner or Supplier Sites: typically, these external stakeholders are infrequent users of the system. For this reason, we have just introduced connection based pricing. In this way, you only pay for the actual logins to your site, you don’t have to pay for each user individually. This allows thousands of users to access the system in a cost effective way.

  • Full support for custom domains using SAP Cloud Identity Services

  • Switching from SAP Authentication and Trust Management service to SAP Cloud Identity Services - Identity Authentication (IAS)

More information: see the Road Map Explorer 

However, there is more to come in the second half of 2023. For SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition, the focus will be a new site experience. Already since 2022 SAP has released a set of beta features related to the new site experience as part of a beta program with selected customers and partners to collect early feedback on the new UX design, concepts and tools.

Going forward, SAP is planning to gradually make these beta features available for general adoption by customers starting in Q3/2023, in particular the following capabilities:

  • ability to create and administer your own custom spaces and pages in the content manager

  • flexible grid-based page layout and design, which is aligned with the experience known from Work Zone, advanced edition

  • visualizing business data with powerful UI integration cards on pages

  • consuming content based on content packages

Check out the Road Map Explorer for more information.

See also this image showing the new user experience of SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (as SAP Lab Preview):

There are also enhancements planned for the advanced edition. You will hear more about this at SAP Sapphire in Orlando this week in sessions BTP161 Find Out What's Next for SAP Build​ and BTP190 with SAP IT: Supercharge Productivity with Engaging Business Sites.

SAP Start at SAP Sapphire

You might have heart also some news around SAP Start at SAP Sapphire 2023. What is SAP Start? It is a new central entry point into all SAP cloud business solutions, available out of the box (for free) and included with the purchase of your SAP Cloud Solutions. No configuration is required. SAP Start offers intuitive and easy access to role-based apps, you can see all tasks in one place plus business data that are relevant to you for your work. At the moment SAP Start is still in a beta phase and planned to become generally available in Q3, 2023.

SAP Start is based on SAP Build Work Zone technology, therefore customers can also upgrade to standard or advanced edition. When customers are ready to extend SAP Start to connect to their on-premise, custom & 3rd party applications, they can easily upgrade to Build Work Zone standard edition, which allows to create role-based page structures. These workpages can be personalized for the employees and provide them everything they need to get their job done effectively.
As a next step, customers can start transforming their teams with SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition. This solution allows to create workspaces to optimize cross-team processes including rich media, content management, knowledge management and integration to Microsoft Teams. The advanced edition allows to create business sites to streamline engagement with customers, partners & suppliers.

For more information, see this image showing our modular offering:

Where you could find us at SAP Sapphire in Orlando?

You could meet our experts at our Demo Station 304 in the SAP Business Technology Platform area: Low-Code Apps and Business Sites with SAP Build. 

You could talk to our SAP Build Work Zone expert Florian Büch, who was prepared to show you some great new demos and answering your questions. You could also meet experts for SAP Build Apps at the same demo station.

Even SAP CEO Christian Klein came along and got informed by Florian about our latest innovations:

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Hands-on Tutorials:
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Check out our product videos on Youtube

Learning Journeys

  • Getting Started Learning Journey for SAP Build: providing you the fundamentals of SAP Build and first hands-on experience with SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation & SAP Build Work Zone.

  • Check out the dedicated unit for SAP Build Work Zone in the learning journey “Utilize SAP Build for Low-Code/No-Code Applications and Automations for Citizen Developers“. The unit guides you through the main concepts and features of SAP Build Work Zone standard and advanced edition. After completing the complete learning journey, learners have the chance to take a 3-hr proctored exam to earn a certificate and become a certified Citizen Developer Associate.

  • For more deep dive technical information, we recommend our new learning journey “Implement and Administer SAP Build Work Zone“, targeted to partners, consultants and administrators. This learning journey will guide you through the process and considerations of implementing SAP Build Work Zone, from initial deployment and system administration to integration setups and extensibility options. A certification is also included.