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We wanted to share an update on the SAP Build sunset as there’s been lots of related news lately. Much has been shared in response to the original sunset blog and related community posts, and we appreciate the passion of the community in doing so.

The past year has demonstrated how important tools like SAP Build are to support UX and business innovation by engaging business end users via remote research and collaborative ideation. SAP has recognized the need to connect designers to business and professional developers, and on Feb 11 we welcomed AppGyver to SAP Business Technology Platform to provide no-code capabilities to our customers. More on this shortly, but first some answers to common questions.

SAP Build service questions:

  • What is the current end-date of SAP Build? The SAP Build end-of-service date is when the last contract commitment is fulfilled. This is roughly Dec 2024 but may move if customers are off-boarded beforehand.

  • After the end of all customer contracts, will SAP Build be shut down completely or will it just stop receiving updates? All customers are given adequate notice to export/download their data before their contracts end. After the last contract has ended, the SAP Build service will be shut down completely, all customer data deleted, and no further access or data retrieval possible.

  • Can we “Make SAP Build Open Source (again)”? No. A small portion of SAP Build prior to GA was made open source. As the solution evolved to support paid enterprise customers, code contributions stopped in 2017. As SAP Build currently supports active licensed enterprise customers, it’s unlikely to be made available until end-of-service, if at all. We will update you if this somehow changes.

What about SAP Fiori elements and Fiori tools?

SAP Fiori elements and Fiori tools were originally mentioned as possible options for some SAP Build capabilities, and the following questions naturally occurred. A CEI was undertaken for scoping, and a summary is located in this blog post.  A summary of differentiation is here:

  • Will SAP Fiori tools allow prototyping of custom UI5 apps? No

  • Will SAP Fiori tools allow validating prototypes with something similar to studies in BUILD? Some feedback capabilities are planned, but not committed to the roadmap.

  • Will SAP Fiori tools be publicly available with trial versions? SAP Fiori Tools is a plugin-in for both Microsoft Visual Studio Code and SAP Business Application Studio. No additional licensing is required.

  • Will SAP Fiori tools have personal accounts? No. SAP Fiori tools is not a cloud-based service.

  • What will be the pricing model for SAP Fiori tools? If this is not ready, when will it be ready? SAP Fiori tools is free for download today from the Visual Studio Code marketplace and is included within SAP Business Application Studio.


SAP Build and AppGyver

SAP Build is very excited to welcome AppGyver to SAP. They bring a passionate global developer ecosystem to SAP Business Technology Platform and will help expand our no-code capabilities to customers, partners and internal SAP application development teams.

  • Will AppGyver replace SAP Build? Not immediately, but AppGyver is our no-code vision for the future. SAP along with the AppGyver team will be assessing what integrations and/or enhancements can be made through combined product capabilities. SAP Build customers will continue to be supported throughout their contract while we work together to deliver customers and the community a best-of-breed collaborative enterprise application development experience.

  • What can you tell us about licensing, integration, migration, etc.? Not much yet. We’re all in the early stages of learning, understanding and collaborating together. There will be much more to come, and we’ll be planning a series of webinars, blogs and trainings to introduce AppGyver to our customer and developer communities.

  • What else can you say? Both AppGyver and SAP Build are unique solutions with passionate communities and product teams focused on making application design and development accessible to everyone. It’s the future of the Intelligent Enterprise and it’s now our mission – together.

On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for the feedback, calls and emails around SAP Build.  If someone a year ago said that the original blog would have over 8,000 views and nearly 100 comments, I wouldn't have believed it. There's much that goes on behind the scenes to maintain SAP Build and there's a fabulous team engaged to support the product to deliver on its promise for the time ahead. I will be providing further updates as more information is known. In the meantime, please contact the team at .