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Please note there's an update to the SAP Build sunset blog here

Over the past three years, SAP Build has helped thousands of users design and deliver SAP Fiori applications that delight end-users and jump-start the development process.  On any given week, over 1,000 SAP Build prototypes are created and shared for end-user feedback.  We’re incredibly proud of the tremendous impact SAP Build has made to our internal and external customers. It’s with that appreciation we take this time to announce the next step in the lifecycle of SAP Build and give a glimpse of the future.

What’s happening?

SAP Build is moving into maintenance and has been retired from the SAP price list. We will continue to support SAP Build until the end of all customer contracts, so we will keep delivering bug fixes and SAPUI5 updates to the service. Existing customers can continue to use SAP Build and invite new users to participate in the prototyping and user feedback process.  Subscription customers can still purchase additional user licenses until the end of their license term.  CPEA customers will have until July 15 to activate SAP Build for their license term. Trial accounts will be allowed for the near-term, but users will be unable to upgrade to an enterprise license.

Why the change?

SAP made this decision to focus our development resources on fewer, but more strategic topics to help customers derive quicker value in creating SAP Fiori applications. We have reallocated the investments in SAP Build to an integrated set of UX tools for faster and smoother transition from Fiori design to development.  The learning we gained in creating SAP Build will carry forward.

What’s next?

To meet the goal of faster transition from Fiori design to delivery, SAP Fiori elements is receiving enhancements in performance, ease of use, and functionality. We are also introducing a new solution, SAP Fiori tools, that will combine requirements-gathering, prototyping, project generation and service and application modelling. We are planning to announce a Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) project for customers interested in shaping the future of these capabilities.

SAP Fiori tools is currently in Beta release, and GA is planned for June 2020.  You may find more information on the blog here.

Sharing a heartfelt thanks!

SAP Build has transformed how SAP designs and delivers applications. The SAP Build service will continue to be well-maintained for users in the years to come.  We’re excited to pass the torch to the new generation of SAP UX tools and hope you will join us in our next steps.

For more detailed information, please read the SAP Build sunset FAQ, or reach out to us at