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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi All,

Wondering where and how to start your learning on  SAP  Build Process Automation?

To support new joiners in SAP Build Process Automation Community, We will publish a series of learning content (Developer tutorials/Blogposts) with step-by-step instructions for common requirements which are part of SAP Process Automation Projects.


We are constantly delivering new content for the new features in SAP Build Process Automation

Refer to our learning content to learn the latest features on SAP Build Process Automation!


Feature Details

           Experience the Vertical Layout and Usability Improvements in the Process Editor

 Mission details

  Custom Variables


        SAP UI5 UI component integration in SAP Build Process Automation

September Enablement Content


  • Work with SAP Build Process Automation Tasks from SAP Task center

  • Add Event-Based Triggers to your process

  • Automate Calender activities using Microsoft 365 SDK

  • SAP Build Store Sample to automate tasks with Google Workspace with Service Account and OAuth Client ID authorization mechanisms.

August Enablement content

  • Use List as an input/output for Decision artifact in SAP Build Process Automation

  • Reusable rules in Decisions

  • Sales Order Approvals-SAP Build Store Sample content

July Enablement Content

  • Subprocess

  • Transport Management in SAP Build Process Automation with Promote Feature

  • Integrating SAP Build Process Automation with SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management(ALM)

  • Principal Propagation

  • Advanced recognition criteria for Screen Elements in Automation

  • Authorize SAP Build Process Automation with Google Authorization SDK using Google OAuth Client  ID

June Enablement Content

  • SAP Document Management Service for Attachments in SAP Build Process Automation

  • New Learning Journey for SAP Build Process Automation

  • Introducing New Screen Tester

May Enablement Content


  • SAP Build E2E Sales Order Scenario(SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Workzone-advanced edition)

  • BAPI Action Group

  • Explore New Features in Recorder

  • Connect Data Sources in  Dropdowns of  Forms using Actions Project

  • Links in Forms

April Enablement Content


  • Tables in Forms

  • Integrating with CAP and SAP Build Process Automation

  • Enhanced DOX Wizard

March Enablement Content Blogpost


  • Google Workspace Integration

  • Microsoft 365 Integration

Feb Enablement Content Blogpost



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