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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Update February 2024: Individual users exploring SAP BTP should now use SAP BTP Trial rather than free tier plans. This article describes an older SAP BTP account and free tier signup process which is now obsolete. The revised process is available exclusively for Customers, Partners, and other organizations - not Individuals. 

Are you looking to try SAP Build Apps as an individual user?

You can use the Free tier model available on SAP Business Technology Platform to test and evaluate if the no-code app builder is the right choice for you or your company.
The free tier option includes the front-end capabilities to build beautiful UIs in drag-and-drop fashion using a large library of customizable components, logic flows, and formulas for data transformation.
It also enables the creation of no-code application backends using the built-in cloud functions.
For details and possible restrictions, please refer to the
Service Guide.

You can follow this video tutorial to subscribe to SAP Build Apps on SAP BTP Free Tier:

When starting from scratch there are 4 steps to use SAP Build Apps on free tier: 

1. Order SAP BTP Pay-As-You-Go account 

As a first step we'll create an individual SAP Store account. See here for country availability and limitations
Go to the pricing information and click the ‘start now’ button in the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) for SAP BTP model.
Fill out the registration form.
After you’ve successfully registered at the SAP Store, you now need to verify your contact details. You will find an e-mail in your email account asking you to 'activate your account'. The 'continue' button will take you back to the store and you'll be logged in using the new credentials.

Select 'purchase as an individual' to create a global account on SAP BTP with free tier service plans.
(The registration flow offers you the option to register on behalf of your employer but there's more steps to that process and that's not what we're going to focus on in this walk through.)

Fill out the address form, configure your solution and go to 'check out'
Please note: you are asked to enter your credit card details, such as card holder namecard number, and expiration date. Your free tier service plans are for free. However, we need this information for authentication purposes and for billing if you decide to use standard service plans.

The verification of your order might take a while, you’ll receive an email with the confirmation and your credentials.

2. Run the SAP Build Apps booster  

Use the access URL from the confirmation email to log into the SAP BTP Cockpit with your newly created global account.
In your global account, go to ‘Boosters’, search for ‘Get started with SAP Build Apps’ and click on ‘Start’.

In step 1, we‘ll  check  if your SAP BTP account meets the pre-requisites to run the booster, such as the required authorization and entitlements, and the customer IAS tenant.

In step 2, you’re able to select an existing SAP BTP subaccount or create a new one.  
In step 3, you’ll choose the service, the region, and the cloud foundry environment you want to use.

On Step 4 a new custom IAS tenant will be created and shown as your ‘custom identity provider for applications’. You don't need to enter your email address as admin as this is done automatically.

After the Review in Step 5, click ‘Finish’ and the booster should execute successfully.  
3. Confirm the custom IAS tenant activation 

You’ll receive an email confirming the provisioning of your custom IAS tenant, providing you with your credentials and a URL to activate your admin user.

 5. Launch SAP Build Apps 

You can go back to the subaccount, under ‘services’ - ‘instances and subscriptions’ and launch SAP Build Apps.
Sign in with your credentials from step 3, log into the lobby and start building! 
For detailed and updated product information,
and what’s new, visit the
service guide on SAP Help Portal.

In case of further questions don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below this post.
Best regards,
Beatrice Pasch, Maiara Ellwanger
for SAP Build Apps PM