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Product and Topic Expert

Release announcement: SAP BTP SDK for iOS 9.1 can now be downloaded

The new version of SAP BTP SDK for iOS 9.1 is now generally available.


You can download the latest version of the SDK either from the Software Center or the downloads section on

With this latest release, the SAP BTP SDK for iOS team has brought some exciting new features for you to explore.

In this blog, we will highlight the new upgrade's offerings. Please visit our documentation and API reference to get a detailed overview of all the features released.




App Attest Service

By utilizing Apple's App Attestation service, one can be confident that their enterprise application is operating on a device trusted by Apple. This service enables app developers to validate that their apps are running on authentic, unaltered devices and are not being impersonated by malicious entities.

The SAP BTP SDK for iOS lets you quickly implement this service, thereby protecting your enterprise application and its users. On detecting a breach, the app developers can now block access to sensitive. Alternatively, if the access risk is too high, you can deny access to the app altogether. Using the SDK will also empower your administrator, who now has a one-stop UI to monitor all the breaches. 

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SAP Fiori

New Controls 

The new version of the SDK continues to bring more Swift & UI-Kit-based controls, such as an editable table or a timeline. You can continue to choose from an ever-expanding range of thoughtfully designed rules that will enhance your enterprise application's functionality.

Editable Data Table Empty State Timeline

Figure 1: Fiori Controls




Performance Enhancement

The new optimized population of entity values comes with significant performance improvements.

Feature Summary

This blog highlights some of the features released with the new version of SAP BTP SDK for iOS – 9.1. For details, please check the important links section.

  • Integrate with App Attest Service

  • New Fiori Controls

  • Offline Performance Enhancement


Important Links



A huge kudos to the spectacular team that worked tirelessly, right from conceptualizing the improvements, to defining, designing, building, and eventually delivering them.