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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The new major version of SAP BTP SDK for iOS, namely 9.0, is now generally available.


You can download the latest version of the SDK either from the Software Center or the downloads section on

The SAP BTP SDK for iOS team brings some exciting new features to you with this new release.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the cool features that come with the new upgrade. To get a detailed overview of all the features released, please visit our user documentation and our API reference documentation.


Feature Highlights

SAP Fiori

Theme Designer

Enterprises strive to provide a unique and consistent experience to their employees. With the new version of the SDK, developers using native SDKs can adopt a theme on the fly. With just a few clicks your mobile application will reflect your organization’s theme without breaking the robust native experience you’ve come to enjoy.

What’s more, if your organization likes to adopt a different theme to celebrate events or if there is a major rebranding on the horizon, as a developer you can rest assured that you can adopt the changes in a matter of minutes.

Figure 1: Enable Custom Theme


Figure 2: Define Custom Theme

Follow on Twitter for a blog on how to test this yourself soon.

Figure 3: Default Theme

Figure 4: Custom Theme Light Mode

Figure 5: Custom Theme Dark Mode


Collection View Cell

The collection view cell has been enhanced to now support a range of controls including (but not limited to) an input text field, list picker, signature form cell, and ratings.


Figure 6: Range Slider

Figure 7: Stepper

Figure 8: Tab Bar



4.0.1 JSON Format

You can now use the 4.0.1 JSON format with the new version of the SDK. The 4.0.1 JSON version includes support for an exponential notation for decimals and the built-in value of @type for primitive types.

Deep Insert

Backend systems may or may not return responses in the order the request was sent. With SAP BTP SDK for iOS 9.0, developers can use deep insert to handle connections to different kinds of backend systems. For example, if the backend system follows OData 4.0.1, the ContentID of the request is used to match the ContentID of the response. However, if the backend system is not OData 4.0.1, the order of items in response is assumed to be the same as it was in the request.


Feature Summary

This blog highlights some of the features released with the new version of SAP BTP SDK for iOS - 9.0. For details, please check the important links section.

  • Theme Designer (Customise the theme of your native iOS app on the fly)

  • Enhanced Collection View Cell (New SAP Fiori controls)

  • 4.0.1 JSON Format Support

  • Deep Insert Support (Support multiple backends using different orders of response format)

Important Links


To the spectacular team that worked tirelessly, right from conceptualizing the improvements, to defining, designing, and eventually building them.