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Release announcement: SAP BTP SDK for iOS 8.0 is now available

We are very excited to publish the latest release of the SAP BTP SDK for iOS, which includes many new exciting features in the areas of security and Fiori.

You can download the SDK and its Assistant from the Software Center or the downloads section on

This version supports iOS 14+ and Xcode 13.

Have a look at the What’s New document  and our updated API reference documentation



Digitally signed QR code for Onboarding

QR Codes can now be digitally signed in SAP Mobile Services so that the SAP BTP SDK for iOS verifies the signature before proceeding with the onboarding process. SAPFoundation.DigitalSignatureVerifier is a new class which can be used to verify any kind of signed data.


QR code settings SAP Mobile Services and Scan Confirmation Screen

Feature Vector Policy (Feature Restriction Policy)

Using  SAP Mobile Services , administrators can set feature flags (also called "feature restriction policies" on the server side) for applications. Starting with this version of the iOS SDK, you can use the two new classes, SAPcpmsFeatureVectorPolicy and SAPcpmsFeature, in SAPFoundation to read these policies (called "feature vector policies" on the SDK side).


Feature Vector in SAP Mobile Services


Authorization Code Grant Flow Using PKCE

The authorization code grant flow now supports PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) to prevent authorization code interception attack. PKCE uses three parameters: code verifier, code challenge, and code challenge method.

Fiori for iOS

In our previous release 7.0 we announced the first steps in implementing SAP’s new mobile experience which included the new Horizon visual theme and also some revamped Fiori UI controls. See this blog for more details.

Some of the new UI components delivered in this release are


Object Card View


A newer version of the object card, the object card view is a flexible visual container that holds and groups information together.


Object Card View


List Card View


The List Card gives a preview of a set of items or objects in a vertical list format.

List Card View


Object Header


The object header provides a quick view of the most important or most frequently used information about one instance of an object.

Object Header



Object Cell Enhancements


The new enhancements on Object Cell provide additional flexibility to fit more use cases.These include (but are not limited to) updates to the layouts, spacing, avatar & thumbnail sizing, and supporting informational elements.


Object Cell




SAP BTP SDK for iOS Assistant

Assistant generated app support many new features of the new release

  • onboarding using digitally signed QR codes

  • PKCE support

  • usage of new Fiori Horizon Theme


I would encourage you to check the new content out and give these great feature improvements and changes a try.


With that, Happy Coding!