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Product and Topic Expert

Release announcement: SAP BTP SDK for Android 7.0 can now be downloaded

The new version of SAP BTP SDK for Android – version 7.0 is now available.


You can download the latest version of the SDK either from the Software Center or the downloads section on

The SAP BTP SDK for Android team brings some exciting new features to you with this new release.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the cool features that come with the new upgrade. To get a detailed overview of all the features released, please visit our user documentation and our API reference documentation.





Organizations have come to trust SAP Mobile Services for their evolving security needs. The latest release of the SAP BTP SDK for iOS places a special emphasis on introducing new security-focused features, enabling you to enhance the security of your ecosystem even more.


Device Compliance

In an increasingly BYOD scenario, the app you build is running on devices that you have minimal control over. While you don't want to limit your end-users from utilizing their own devices, you do want to guarantee that your app can only access enterprise data when running on a trusted device.

For example, now, if your app is running on a rooted device, you can detect the same and initiate the required measures.


Clipboard Protection

Regulate data flow in the app by restricting cut, copy & paste. Enable the checkbox in Admin UI to prevent end-users from copying or pasting data. Designed to enhance user experience while maintaining security, end-users are allowed to copy and paste within the app's screens.


Play Integrity API

By leveraging Google's Play Integrity API, one can ensure the trustworthiness of their enterprise application on Android devices. This API allows app developers to verify that their apps are running on genuine, unaltered devices and are not being impersonated by malicious actors.

The SAP BTP SDK for Android enables you to easily integrate this API, thus safeguarding your enterprise application and its users. In the event of a security breach, the app developers can now restrict access to sensitive features. Alternatively, if the access risk is deemed too high, you have the option to deny access to the app entirely. By utilizing the SDK, your administrator gains access to a centralized user interface for monitoring all security breaches effectively.


SAP Fiori

View Based SAP Fiori Controls

Notable updates in this version include new Jetpack Compose controls for a ListPicker, as well as improvements to TimelineCell and TimelinePreview controls. Furthermore, the view-based OCR functionality now utilizes Google's ML Kit Barcode Scanning API.

Timeline Cell



Jetpack Compose SAP Fiori Controls

Noteworthy improvements in this version introduce new View-Based controls, such as the ProfileHeader, CollectionView, and FioriCircularProgressIndicator.


Collection View Profile Header


Additionally, new ListPicker & PersistentFooter are available via view-based controls.

List Picker Persistent Footer



Supporting Local Entity Set

The new SDK comes with offline improvements such as support for media/stream operations within the changeSet of a batch, as well as compatibility for Geography and Geometry types in OData 4.0.




You can now use Android Studio Flamingo with SAP BTP SDK for Android 7.0.


Onboarding Flow

The application generated by the Wizard will now use Jetpack Compose.



Enhance the generated application to showcase the EULA acceptance flow.


Raise A Request

If you have feature ideas that the SDK should support, please raise an improvement request here:


Feature Summary

This blog highlights some of the features released with the new version of SAP BTP SDK for Android – 7.0. For details, please check the important links section.

  • Device Compliance Check

  • Clipboard Protection

  • Fiori Horizon Jetpack Compose & View Based Controls

  • Supporting Android Studio Flamingo

  • Onboarding Flow Uses Jetpack Compose


Important Links



A huge kudos to the spectacular team that worked tirelessly, right from conceptualizing the improvements, to defining, designing, building, and eventually delivering them.