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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
What an event, we had more than 120+ participants from the partner eco-system from global service providers to VARs and software developers in North America at the beautiful SAP Engineering academy in San Ramon, California.

We had the goal to:

  • Discuss partner opportunities related to innovating on SAP BTP

  • Provide SAP BTP-related solutions and product updates

  • Help you accelerate your SAP BTP journey

  • Explore SAP BTP enablement and coaching offerings (including SAP Integration and Certification Center services)​

  • Understand go-to-market options with content: SAP Store, VPUC, QPPS ​

  • Share your experiences as a foundation for 2023​ planning

  • Network and foster stronger relationships across the SAP partner ecosystem

We had a great welcome keynote by Ferose VR talking about the history of the unique and beautiful location (SAP's Engineering Academy San Ramon).

Ferose VR SAPs Engineering Academy

Followed up by a keynote presentation by Luciano Ravenna, Steffen Burger, Pavel Penaz, and Camilla Dahlen after the break we had few more keynotes by John Singelmann and Dirk Wenzel.

Opening keynote presentation by Luciano Ravenna - GVP Partner Solution Adoption I Platform & Strategic Partners


Keynote by Steffen Burger SVP, Partner Solution Adoption | Partner Ecosystem Success


Key Sessions delivered by the PSA team:

On Day 1, the PSA team represented by Wesley Honorato (Head of PSA NA) and Mordechai (Moty) Moshin (IE Architect NA) delivered the “Meet the experts - QPPS - Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions - what it is, how it works, how to use it as a GTM route for channel partners” session that had more than 20 attendees discussing the benefits of building Qualified-Partner-Packaged-Solutions (QPPS). Some of the participants were not aware of the GTM program and expressed the desire to create packages.

The session started with Wesley providing an introduction to the North-America PSA team he leads talking about the different experts in the team and the team's Vision and plans for 2023.

Wesley Honorato - Head PSA NA


Followed by Mordechai introducing the key concepts of the QPPS program with the success video:


and key program information:

SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions - QPPS

the impact the QPPS program drives as well as What are leading analysts saying?

What are leading analysts saying?


On Day 2 the PSA team held 3 other breakout sessions:

Sustainability with SAP – Providing products and services that meet the sustainability challenges and opportunities of our customers

Presented by Tahir (Bob) Babar and Mordechai (Moty) Moshin. The session attracted many partners who asked many questions about Sustainability as everyone is looking to find ways to join the Sustainability important wave.

Mordechai started by explaining the key Why for sustainability followed by Bob covering the What and Mordechai closed by recapping SAP Sustainability Cloud offerings and where to find additional resources and possible next steps with the partner onboarding guide.

SAP Sustainability Cloud


SAP BTP and Clean core

One of the well-attended breakout sessions was the SAP BTP And Clean Core session given by Louenas Hamdi our S/4HANA Cloud BTP advisor. The session was held in a large classroom called Plattner in honor of our founder! About 30 attendees from about 20 partners attended the session.

SAP BTP and Clean Core - Louenas


The session started with a slide defining the concept of clean core in ERP and with a question from Louenas to the audience to guess who the author of the definition was. As no one guessed, Louenas revealed that the author was ChatGPT and told the audience that the objective of showing this definition is to make a point about how the world and businesses will be relying more and more on technology and smart platforms.

The objective of the clean core presentation aimed at making sure the partners understood the importance to extend and integrate with SAP ERP systems and LoB solutions in a clean core compliant way. The presentation talked about how Developer extensibility and BTP can aid in that endeavor. And lastly, Louenas presented planned global and regional enablement and coaching offerings on this topic.

Partners loved the presentation and asked questions and expressed interest in one-on-one follow-ups.


Fireside Chat with SAP executives+ Q&A​

Host: Luciano Ravenna
Participants: Steffen Burger,   Camilla Dahlen, Tom Le, Frank Ruland, Wesley Honorato

Fireside Chat

One of the questions asked during the fireside chat was: "How can the Partner Solution Adoption organization help our partners in North America?", which was answered by Wesley as follows: "The Partner Solution Adoption goal is to enable Partners to become self-sufficiency to sell, deliver, extend and integrate the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise through the development and delivery of high-value, targeted coaching in collaboration with other teams. We are a unique team covering B1, ByD, S4 (Public & Private), BTP, CX, SFSF, and ISBN. Whenever a partner has an enablement question, the NA PSA team should be the go-to-team to help you"

Overall the audience acknowledged that there is no doubt about the value of SAP BTP and are interested in learning more about ways together with SAP to create long-lasting value for their customers.

SAP Build portfolio - Augment enterprise applications and unleash innovation by anyone no matter the skill levels- SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone

Presented by Tahir (Bob) Babar and Mordechai (Moty) Moshin. Another packed breakout session. Mordechai started with an update on SAP's Build Portfolio

SAP Build Portfolio

SAP Build - Mordechai (Moty) Moshin


And Bob followed with several outstanding demos for each component and we closed with an interactive Q&A with the attending partners.

Bob demoing SAP Build


On the morning of day 2 during the general keynote, we had 3 partners delivering the Partner success stories session hosted by Alexandra Uhlherr-McGhee. The partners were given the opportunity to showcase their BTP-related success stories on the centerstage called the Arena.

Partner success stories session hosted by Alexandra Uhlherr-McGhee

The session was kicked off by Sana Salam (CEO) from Sodales, who gave an inspiring presentation about best practices for building an enterprise grade applications on SAP BTP and launching and growing it successfully on SAP Store.

Sana Salam (CEO) - Sodales

The second partner was ConvergentIS, represented by Julio Navas who presented their BTP App which recently gained the spotlighted status on SAP Store. He told the audience how BTP and SAP store is transforming their company from a local service company to a global software provider company that is more profitable and resilient.

Julio Navas - ConvergentIS


The third partner was Yash represented by Yogesh Nagpal who talked about Sustainability and showed their Sustainability QPPS, the QPPS journey, leveraging partnership and collaboration and on how BTP was used to build EmTRACK package – An Environment Management Accelerator. HE also highlighted how BTP was used to build other solutions and IP leveraging BTP, SAP Build and SAC.

Yogesh Nagpal - Yash


Post-event after talking to the partners we found out that all expressed their satisfaction with the event and the format and asked to redo it. To sum it up,  this was an outstanding event that left the partners happy with what they learned, with the opportunity to network with SAP's experts and execs, and planted the seeds to continue and pursue innovating with SAP BTP.

Here is a short video recap: