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**Updated December 28, 2023**

In this blog, I'm going to share with you when to expect an access email from SAP, who in your organization receives initial access to your SAP BTP cockpit, how they can grant access to others in your organization and how to make sure you have entitlements to the software services you're expecting.

When to Expect an Access Email for SAP BTP:

  • If you are a new SAP customer and this is your first BTP purchase then whoever is listed as the Contact IT Person on the contract can expect to receive an access email.

  • If you are an existing BTP customer it depends how your order was booked to determine if you'll be receiving an access email.

    • If the order was processed as a new order and another BTP Global Account is provisioned then an access email will be sent to the Contact Person IT on the contract.

    • If the order was processed as an additional order, meaning adding more to what you already have, then an access email will not be sent. This holds true even if you specifically list someone as a Contact Person IT on the additional order.

Who Will Receive the Access Email:

Someone in your organization, likely an executive decision maker, the person listed on the contract as the Contact IT Person will receive an email with login details for access to your SAP BTP cockpit.  I put emphasis on one in someone because only 1 lucky person will receive this email. It will look something like this:

If you’re viewing this email and your S-User ID is not the one listed in the set-up and Administration section, then you will receive the following error when you access the URL:

This can be frustrating, but this blog is going to detail how you can fix it and quickly gain access. Before we jump into the details, I want you to understand why you don’t have access. When you sign a contract with SAP, we ask you for many things to fill out in the contract but of specific importance to the provisioning and initial access topic, we ask for a Contact IT person to be designated. The Contact IT person is the contact whose SAP S-User ID will be associated with the initial login. Have you ever seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Think of the Contact IT person as the one who receives the golden ticket. Only they have the authority to initially login to your SAP BTP cockpit and designate additional contacts permission for access.

SAP is intentionally strict with providing access only to the person listed on the contract as the Contact IT Person for security purposes. SAP wants to empower you as the customer, to make decisions on behalf of your company in determining who should and should not have access. Decision makers in your organization should be listed as the Contact Person and someone from the IT organization, who will be managing and administering the cockpit, should be listed as the Contact IT Person.

In the event you're not the Contact Person IT, here's how you can fix this. The simplest way is to find the contact IT person and ask them to add you. (You can determine who this is by contacting someone from your SAP Account Team, or the onboarding center at Contact the person who received the welcome email and ask them to login to the SAP BTP Cockpit via the URL listed. From the left side menu, expand the Security tab, select Users, select the create button on the far right to get yourself added as a user.

In the New User popup enter your email address as the username and email, select Create.

You’re now a user for the SAP BTP Cockpit but before cutting you lose you need the global administrator privileges assigned to you. Select your newly added name, choose the ellipsis under role collections, select assign role collections.

Select the ‘Global Account Administrator’ role and Assign Role Collection.

That’s it! You’ll now be able to login to the SAP BTP Cockpit and have full global administrator permissions to be able to execute the plan you’ve set forth for your companies use cases.

Can't connect with the designated Contact Person IT to facilitate access? You can still secure access, it'll just take a couple extra steps. To do this you'll need to open an SAP Support ticket using component BC-NEO-CIS. Remember, the assigned person was assigned intentionally so in the ticket explain why they are unable to login and delegate access to you – maybe they are out on leave, maybe they left the company, whatever the reason explain it in the ticket. Be sure to provide your S-User ID and request global administrative access to your SAP BTP cockpit URL. Please note, that adding someone else as a global account administrator does not automatically change SAP’s record on who the Contact IT Person is. SAP will continue to send important communications on your SAP BTP cockpit to whoever is listed in our records as the contact IT person. Contact your SAP Account Representative to have this changed in our systems as well.

The second thing the Global Administrator needs to check immediately after logging in, is your entitlements. Entitlements are access to the specific services you contracted to receive. Mistakes happen to the best of us, SAP included. To not waste time, do yourself and your company a favor by checking that you have entitlements to the services you licensed.

From the left side menu expand the Entitlements section and select Service Assignments. You’ll see a full list of what is available for you to use in the SAP BTP Cockpit. SAP includes some services free of charge as part of your overall license to SAP BTP, I’ll dig into that topic more in a later blog. Below is a screenshot of a subscription account and I’m expecting to see SAP Integration Suite listed.

I can see I’m entitled to 28 services and by searching integration in the search bar I can see that I do have rights to 3 SAP Integration Suite tenants.

If you get to the entitlements page and are unable to find the services, you licensed please contact your SAP Account Team and have them check our internal provisioning channels to remedy the problem. If you purchased a consumption account, you'll have over 100 entitlements and the quote assignment will show as 'unlimited' for the majority of services.

In the next blog of this series, I’ll discuss the structure of the SAP BTP Cockpit and deep dive on the building blocks required to set up your company specific account model. Be sure to check out our Onboarding Resource Center to see if there are any live webinars you'd like to register for!