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Hello Kyma community,

I would like to bring to your attention a change that affects all users of the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime on Canary landscape.

Over the past several months we have been working hard on the new modularization framework that will manage the components provided by SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime on top of Kubernetes.

I am proud to announce that, starting May 26th, 2023, the new modularization framework is enabled for all SAP BTP, Kyma runtime clusters running on Canary landscape. With that, we have achieved a major milestone on our journey to delivering more flexibility and greater control over the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime clusters to our users.

With this change, we bring you a new beta module called Keda which enables you to do container autoscaling based on business logic. We are also migrating the SAP BTP Operator to the new framework. 

You can enable or disable Keda and the SAP BTP Operator modules via the Kyma Dashboard or CLI as described in the draft documentation here: Enable and Disable a Kyma Module. However, the SAP BTP Operator module is currently in migration phase and disabling it using the documentation approach does not mean that it will be uninstalled. It is just reverted to the old reconciler based framework. In other words, the SAP BTP Operator will still be installed and functional, just managed by the old framework.

Please, give the new modularization framework a try and let us know if you face any issues or have any questions using the comments section of this blog or on this Slack channel.

To learn more about SAP BTP, Kyma runtime please read and follow our other blogs, and visit the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime site.

Please follow my profile for future updates: varbanv