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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Business Technology Platform brings together application development, automation, data and analytics, integration, and AI capabilities into one unified environment optimized for SAP applications. Learn more:

Check out this month’s featured innovation highlights for SAP Business Technology Platform in our latest SAP BTP Innobytes video!

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Integration Innovations on SAP BTP

Coherent User Experience for SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite on SAP Business Technology Platform is an Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (or EiPaaS). It offers different capabilities, like Cloud Integration and API Management, for customers to achieve their integration requirements.

Each capability used to have a different tooling experience, which led to a broken end-to-end user experience. But that’s all in the past! We’ve launched a new harmonized user experience that includes:

  • Simplified navigation by using the quick links on each tile

  • New grouping for left-side menu to help you find capabilities easily

  • Quick access tiles for recent activities and monitoring information

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Data & Analytics Innovations on SAP BTP

Time Traveling Analytics with SAP HANA Cloud Calculation Views

Calculation views offer a graphical option to easily prepare deep dives into your data and to gain analytical insights. These views can be created in the modern and integrated development environment of SAP Business Application Studio running on SAP Business Technology Platform.

By integrating into a state-of-the-art development environment, we can provide a solid foundation for effective continuous development and integration and offer a number of productivity features. For example, the so-called “time travelling analytics”.

Let’s imagine you need to know when data was first entered into your system and you need to keep track of subsequent changes to that record. Let’s say you’d like to know the exact time a sales transaction was entered and how it changed its status over time. Or, you are looking for the status of a record, such as the price of an article at a certain point in time.

Calculation views now offer an easy-to-use interface that help you answer those questions and more by using temporal tables in a flexible way.

By using calculation views in these analyses and in multiple other scenarios the insights can be directly leveraged in analytic reports.

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New Commercial Model for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Did you know that SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is NOW part of the SAP BTP consumption-based commercial model?

It’s available for both Pay-As-You-Go and the cloud platform enterprise agreement models. And we’ve released a free tier service plan as well!

This new approach allows you, our customers, to:

  • Simplify your journey to SAP DWC, and adopt the commercial model that best fits your business needs

  • Stay flexible and control your journey by starting free and transitioning to a paid plan

  • Start small and grow on-demand based on your future capacity needs

For that purpose, we’ve launched two service plans for you to choose from: a Standard plan and a Free Tier plan.

The best part is that if you start with the free tier service plan you can simply upgrade to the standard plan without losing your work and artefacts!

Learn more:

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