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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Business Technology Platform brings together application development, automation, data and analytics, integration, and AI capabilities into one unified environment optimized for SAP applications. Learn more:

It’s crazy to think that this is our second-to-last video of 2022! We’ve had a blast compiling and sharing SAP BTP innovation highlights with you these past couple of months. And hopefully you’ve enjoyed watching our monthly videos just as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

November hits a little different, because of, you guessed it, SAP TechEd! Some of these highlights might sound familiar. 🙂 Give the video a watch and dive deeper into the updates by accessing all the links available in this post.

Keep Calm and Read On

Integration Innovations on SAP BTP

SAP Event Mesh to Azure Event Grid (Beta)

Bridges allow you to do business beyond natural borders – rivers for example. If you watched the BTP Innobytes video, you've seen Karsten point out the bridge over the Neckar river, in Germany.

Microsoft is a major SAP partner. For the benefit of our joint customers, we have decided to build a bridge between SAP’s and Microsoft’s event-driven ecosystems, allowing real-time events to flow back and forth between SAP Event Mesh on SAP Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Azure Event Grid.

This bridge is now open for our first customers.  Do you want to explore it?  Join our ongoing Beta program!

Learn more:

Data & Analytics Innovations on SAP BTP

New API Step in SAP Analytics Cloud Multi Actions

Reach out across SAP Business Technology Platform from within SAP Analytics Cloud with our new external oData API step type available from within Multi Actions.

New Multi Action - API Step

This new capability allows users to trigger logic in other SAP and non-SAP solutions directly from within SAP Analytics Cloud.

By allowing solution designers to chain external application calls with other SAP Analytics Cloud logic, we have dramatically simplified cross application end-to-end planning workflows.

Such a scenario may include running a series of complex data actions, initiating calculation logic against the plan results in another SAP BTP component, and leveraging that external calculation result to continue the planning process in SAP Analytics Cloud. All of this can now occur from within a single Multi Action. 

Please check the community for more information and stay tuned for more exciting improvements we have planned for SAP Analytics Cloud in 2023 and beyond.

Learn more:

Application Development Innovations on SAP BTP

SAP Business Application Studio is Now Using Microsoft Code OSS!

How do you address new or updated business requirements?

SAP Business Application Studio on SAP Business Technology Platform provides an end-to-end development environment tailored for efficient development of business applications.

What’s new you ask? SAP Business Application Studio now uses Microsoft Code OSS, the open-source project used for building Visual Studio Code. This means you get a best-in-class IDE with the SAP specialized productivity tools running on top.

Get started with the new, updated SAP Business Application Studio

In detail, you benefit from:

  • Full compatibility with all Visual Studio Code extensions, so you can you bring your favorite tools into the development environment

  • A constant flow of IDE innovations (same as for Visual Studio Code)

  • Enhanced stability and performance

For the latest news on SAP Business Application Studio check out our community page!

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