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Update: added March 2024 edition

Back in January 2022, we had a crazy idea to create a monthly video series for #SAPBTP enthusiasts that would provide fresh, snackable SAP BTP innovation highlights. The goal was to share a continuous stream of updates with our community that would also be enjoyable to watch.

SAP BTP Innobytes was born! Our first edition went live in April 2022 and I think it's fair to say, with about 24 videos released and 73 innovations shared, we've come farther than we ever expected.

The best part is... we are not done. Every month we'll be releasing new videos, accompanied by a blog post to share the latest and greatest innovation highlights for SAP BTP. You can expect to learn about new features delivered across our entire portfolio - application development, automation, data, analytics, integration and artificial intelligence - we cover it all!

Our motto: Keeping up to date on the latest SAP BTP news and innovations should be easy – and fun!

Curious to learn more? I've compiled the SAP BTP Innobytes videos from 2024 and 2023. Check them out and see for yourself!


SAP BTP Innobytes - March 2024

Learn about the latest innovations for:

  • SAP Master Data Governance
  • SAP HANA Cloud
  • SAP Build Work Zone

Read the updates in this blog post: 


SAP BTP Innobytes - February 2024

This release unveils highlights from three areas.

  • Automation: SAP Build Process Automation introduces a new vertical process editor
  • Data and Analytics: Just Ask makes it debut in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Application Development: SAP Cloud Transport Management continues it's content integration adding SAP Build Process Automation to the list of supported content.

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - January 2024

This month's video showcases innovations from App Dev, Integration and Artificial Intelligence. Our security experts will be pleased to discover the new authorization management service in SAP Cloud Identity services. A game changer when it comes to defining and customizing authorization policies. Those teams that are trying to migrate their integration scenarios to the cloud, but have specific requirements that prohibits them from using the public internet, will be very interested in the new Edge Integration Cell for SAP Integration Suite. And last but not least, Generative AI and the endless possibilities it brings to revolutionize software applications is also a part of SAP BTP. With the new generative AI Hub in SAP AI Core you can take advantage of GenAI in a secure, reliable way for your development projects.

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - December 2023

This month brings back some OG Innobyters, like thomas.hammer3, sharing new updates in the world of SAP HANA Cloud, new faces with brand new topics, like wolfgang.theilmann, who is announcing the new SAP Cloud Logging service and new faces, but familiar topics, with tomasz.janasz, talking about the new Document Information Extraction premium edition with GenAI capabilities.

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - November 2023

At SAP TechEd, we announced a lot of great SAP BTP related innovations. If you missed it, I suggest checking out the Executive Keynote replay with all the innovation highlights.

For the SAP BTP Innobytes – November edition, we were inspired by these announcements, but we also wanted to connect the dots to broader topics that you might have missed. In this episode, you'll learn about:

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - October 2023

Here are the innovations shared for SAP BTP Innobytes October 2023:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud – maximilianpaul.gander is back sharing an update about multi-actions. You’ll see how integration of our SAP portfolio is crucial to enable end to end use cases. 
  • SAP Business Accelerator Hub – new name, new features. aaditya.nigam shares the new artifacts you can find on the “hub” and how “domains” makes the user experience just that much better. 
  • SAP Private Link service – already GA for Azure, but now also on AWS! Anh shares how this can be useful for customers!

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - September 2023

For SAP BTP Innobytes, September marks the first ever edition with a bonus update! The Release Navigator for SAP BTP, if you haven’t already heard, will make finding information on SAP BTP innovations that much simpler. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the extra 60 seconds of this month's episode!

As stated in previous editions, our Application Development portfolio can’t just stop at “development”. We need to continue to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their applications. Therefore, we’re happy to highlight two important innovations connected to our DevOps portfolio:

  • Integration of SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Cloud Transport Management
  • Monitoring custom-built apps on SAP BTP with SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. SAP BTP is no exception. With our SAP AI Business Services, we connect AI to a business specific use case. In this episode, you’ll learn why updating trained classification models is now faster, more flexible, and sustainable. Check out the new “Transfer Learning” feature for Data Attribute Recommendation.

Learn more: 

SAP BTP Innobytes - August 2023

In this edition of SAP BTP Innobytes, we’re diving into SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Work Zone innovations. Testing is a huge (and sometimes overlooked) part of the development process. Check out how you can use sample data in SAP Build Apps. Have you ever had to manually add data entities into your application? If so, you’ll be happy to learn about the new data import feature. SAP Build Work Zone has a new site experience that comes with extra features for content administrators… think spaces, pages, cards and tiles… my, oh, my!

Artificial Intelligence has probably been part of 95% of your conversations lately. Well, it’s top of mind for SAP BTP as well. Check out the new complementary recommendations feature now available for one of our SAP AI Business Services, Personalized Recommendation. What does complementary mean? You’ll have to check out the video to find out.

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - July 2023

It’s hard to believe that we are more than half-way through the year. Seasons change, temperatures rise (or decline, depending on where you are located), plans change, vacations end; but something you can always count on, is the SAP BTP Innobytes monthly video! 😊 This month, we are diving into the world of flexibility, automation, and data semantics. Our experts, share the recent innovations for the SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service, the new Graph capability in SAP Integration Suite and how you can automate the setup of your SAP BTP account. Curious? Check out the video to learn more!

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - June 2023

In this month’s episode, we’ll explore an interesting mix of recent innovations delivered on SAP Business Technology Platform! Efficiently and effectively managing master data across an organization can seem like a utopian dream… unless you are using SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition! The Integration Assessment capability has been featured before, but now we are expanding the scope of supported integration content: Let’s all say hello to the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. And last, but not least, let’s talk ABAP! The SAP BTP, ABAP Environment is now available on MS Azure! Check out the video for more details!

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - May 2023

In the May episode, learn about the innovations for analytics and security capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform. Would you like to combine SAP GUI and single sign-on capabilities? Do you want more flexibility for security administrators within SAP Cloud Identity services? Are you looking to optimize your dashboard building experience within SAP Analytics Cloud? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any or all these questions, I highly recommend watching this video!

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - April 2023

April was all about the Data & Analytics, Integration and Application Development capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform. The innovations outlined in the video enhance the capabilities of the platform and therefore support more advanced business scenarios. What can you expect? Increased flexibility, maximum availability and cost efficiency are highlights in SAP HANA Cloud. Customization and complex integration scenarios are easier to define in SAP Integration Suite. Harmonization and out-of-the-box integration is in store for SAP Cloud Transport Management. Have I sparked your interest? Check out the video hear from the experts themselves!

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - March 2023

In March we shared newly released features for the Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities of SAP BTP, that make it possible to easily access and enhance your data even if it’s stored “anywhere and everywhere”, stop staring endlessly at a loading screen AND leverage machine learning capabilities for specific uses cases, like completing fields in a sales order document. Check out the video to learn how SAP BTP supports all these use cases!

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - February 2023

February might be known as the month of love and with this edition we showed how much we LOVE Application Development! All the innovation highlights will support you when building and managing your extensions on SAP BTP. That’s right; we understand that building your extension is just one piece of the puzzle. Managing the lifecycle of that application is just as important. Therefore, we are highlighting new features for SAP Continuous Integration and DeliverySAP Automation Pilot and of course, our IDE of choice, SAP Business Application Studio.

Learn more:

SAP BTP Innobytes - January 2023

We kicked-off 2023 with updates for SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Integration Suite and SAP Build Apps. Renovated tooling in SAP HANA Cloud provided simplicity and better performance, all without needing to learn something new. Learn about the migration support available for your SAP Integration Suite journey. Let's move to the cloud together! And of course, SAP Build Apps made a huge splash at SAP TechEd in 2022, so we released a new sandbox system for continued learning. All this is part of our January 2023 SAP BTP Innobytes video!

Learn more:

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