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Product and Topic Expert
Keeping up to date on the latest SAP BTP news and innovations should be easy – and fun!

You asked for fresh, snackable SAP BTP insights that you can quickly consume and easily share. From all around the world and all organizations, we’ve heard your feedback. To satisfy your needs, we are thrilled to introduce SAP BTP Innobytes – our new monthly video series, sharing the latest hits and top SAP BTP innovations.

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Enjoy our top 3 highlights and all relevant links below:

SAP Process Automation – Available Now with a Free Tier Service Plan

Are you tired of repetitive tasks with copy-pasting between different applications? Do you want to automate your manual approvals?

We are very excited to introduce SAP Process Automation, an intuitive no-code solution unifying the power of workflow management and RPA with built-in AI capabilities.

So why not test it right away? We now have a free tier plan for our product on the SAP Business Technology Platform. You can seamlessly move your test projects to productive use with the free tier.

If you already have a CPEA or PAYG account, you can start building your first process without any code. If this is all new to you, simply go to and sign up for a PAYG account to start your SAP Process Automation journey without any commitment.

Learn more:

Simplifying Integration with Out-of-the-Box Tooling in SAP Integration Suite

Let's say you are interested in innovating and improving the way you do a specific business process. During your exploration, you realize there is quite some integration work that needs to be done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rely on a proven methodology to define, document, and execute an enterprise integration strategy in your organization? This is where ISA-M comes into play, our Integration Solution Advisory Methodology. What happens when you combine that with our enterprise integration-as-a-platform offering – SAP Integration Suite? Simple: you get out-of-the-box tooling to support your integration projects.

Included within SAP Integration Suite, you receive:

  • Access to pre-built content for the methodology that represents SAP’s integration technology strategy

  • The ability to simply extend and adopt the methodology as needed

  • Guided assessments of interface requests based on your individual integration technology strategy

Learn more:

Multi-Zone High Availability for SAP HANA Cloud

As a strong foundation for your desired scenarios on SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP HANA Cloud represents a resilient and reliable database- as-a-service solution.

With the addition of Multi-Zone High Availability, across two availability zones (AZfs), with synchronous replication, its capabilities have been strengthened even further. This not only offers you high-availability setups within the same availability zone, but also the possibility to run within multiple AZs. This increases availability as one availability zone kicks in if the other one fails.

The synchronous replication across two availability zones inside of one region (so-called “metro setup”), allows for autonomous, automatic takeover and re-establishment of replication. This ensures that the replica has the same committed state as its source, which provides consistency and reliability across your scenarios.

If you’re curious about SAP HANA Cloud and how it provides a highly reliable and available database for your desired use cases, check out the links below.

Learn more:

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