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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I’m happy to announce that it is now also possible to create estimates in Discovery Center to bring services, missions and estimates closer together.

To use the newly introduced SAP BTP Discovery Center Estimator open and log on. Afterwards you have three possibilities to access the Estimator.

1. Via Control Center link

In the Control Center click on “Estimates”:

2. Via the menu “Estimator Basket” directly to the “My Estimates in Control Center” or

3. Directly via link

Create New Estimate

To create a new estimate click on the “+ Create New Estimate” tile in the Control Center “Estimates” menu bar.

Edit Structure

To include as an example “Production”, “Quality“ and “Development” as a structure please click “Edit Structure”.

Afterwards edit the section in the estimate itself:

Adding Services

Adding services could be the next steps:

Partial Usage

What we newly introduced is the so called “Partial Usage”:

The request from customer and sales representatives was, that services for example are also used in other projects and therefore the price of this service should only be accounted partially for this estimate, because it is only partially used. To edit the “Partial Usage” click on the pie-chart Icon and edit the percentage assumed:

Customize Estimate

Click “Customize Estimate” to change information around the license model (CPEA or Pay-as-you-Go) or the “Estimation Period”:

Share Estimate

After finishing the estimate, you can click on “…” to share (or reset / duplicate) your estimate.

The link can then be shared with stakeholders.

Set Default Estimate

Back in the Control Center the estimate appears in “My Estimates” and also in “Shared Estimates” because a link for sharing was generated.

If the new estimate should also be accessible via the calculator icon “Estimator Basket” in the menu bar, then set to default via the “…” on the tile: