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SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Release 2305

Please enjoy my little overview of most important features and their respective details.

You can find the new product page on SAP BTP, ABAP Environment | SAP Help Portal

For the new documentation structure, see Standalone Documentation. The new documentation page makes search and navigation for SAP BTP, ABAP environment topics easier.

In addition to the Roadmap Explorer, see SAP BTP, ABAP environment Roadmap for more details on the roadmap items.

All available new features can be found on the official release notes page.

Our last blog post for release 2302 can be found here.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Enhancements to the object structure of Knowledge Transfer Documents displaying all relevant properties of the behavior definition (details)

  • Support for display and export of migration log from CDS migration wizard, when migrating CDS DDIC-based views to CDS view entities (details)

  • Support for creating behavior definition extensions (details)

  • Support for SQL Console from the Project Explorer and the editor of the corresponding data definition or table object (details)

  • Support for comparison of two different objects of the same object type within the same ABAP project or across two different projects (ADT project explorer)

  • Support for new software component level to identify the relation of transport requests to software components in ABAP Development Tools, Transport Organizer

  • Enhancements to the Transport Editor including the Group By option

  • Support for record stack display of a trace result in the Properties view (details)

  • Support for switch-based conditions in the Knowledge Transfer Documents to hide parts of the documentation (details)

  • Support for creating and editing database table indexes and extension indexes in the new Table Index editor and Extension Index editor (details, details)

  • Support for Element Information (F2) of structures and tables now shows their appends (details)

  • Enhancements to ATC exemption including restrictions to the exemption validity (details)

  • Availability of ABAP developments-specific accessibility preferences new ABAP Development Accessibility preference page (details)

  • Support for email notifications in the ATC Exemption view (details)

  • Availability of Object Set Playground view in ADT to create and combine object sets with the goal to perform different actions on the contained objects (details)

  • Support for copy functionality of columns and cells in the Data Preview editor (details)

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for authorization definition for actions that overrule the authorization definition in the authorization master (details)

  • Support for defining behavior definition extensions that extend the behavior which is defined in other behavior definition extensions (details)

  • Support for defining leading entity in the service definition. This entity is marked in the service binding (details)


  • Support for default configuration in the ATC Configurator app to run ATC checks at the release of transport tasks and the corresponding transport request (for systems provisioned at release 2305 or later) (details)

  • Enablement of PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) for inbound communication scenarios (details)

  • Support for propagation of technical users from the cloud application towards on-premise systems in the Communication Systems app (details)

  • Support for information and error details in the log of the Custom Code Migration app (details)

  • Enhancements to the Scope tab including the display of objects as In scope by reference (details)

  • Support for overview of all event-related error messages occurring in the interfaces (details)

  • Support for new Partition HANA Tables app to break down large columnar tables into partitions (details)

  • Consumption reduction of the HANA DB storage, as of release 2308, by deleting security audit log events 45 days after their creation. As of release 2305, confirmation of the proposed retention period or definition of a custom retention period needed (details)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Support for export of application log objects including subobjects to a Git repository using abapGit (details)

  • Support for deactivation of rollback mechanism for clone actions in the Manage Software Components Fiori app (details)

  • Support for ATC check Preliminary check for upcoming changes in the ABAP Cloud was added to the default check variant ABAP_CLOUD_DEVELOPMENT_DEFAULT

Integration & Security

  • With Release 2311 security session won’t be created automatically. To prepare for this change, we recommend setting the HTTP header (details)

  • While creating HTTP client via Communication Arrangement, using the method ENABLE_PATH_PREFIX of IF_WEB_HTTP_CLIENT, the provided path is always treated as a path prefix (details)

  • Support for auto-retry for IF_WEB_HTTP_CLIENT objects (details)

  • Support for creating own transport request when transporting business roles (details)

Reuse Services

  • Support for Event Bindings (EVTBs) by the Read and Generation APIs of the XCO Library

  • Availability of Service Consumption Models (SRVCs) in the XCO Read APIs

  • Support for new APIs, that trigger a programmatic publish/unpublish for the local service endpoint of a service binding

  • Support for new APIs

  • Availability of Read APIs for service bindings (SRVB) in the XCO origin infrastructure

  • Support for specifications of data definition content by directly providing the source when generating data definitions via the XCO Generation APIs (details)

Released Components and Objects

  • Support for new ABAP class CL_RSPO_PDF_MERGER, that provides released API to merge the data of multiple PDF documents into a single document (details)

Partner Enablement

  • Support for plan update for internal providers with multiple plans in the free tier setup (details)

  • Support for display of SPAM import in case of an error in the Landscape Portal (details)

Performance Monitoring

  • Support for new Sampled Work Process Data app to identify top customer workloads (details)


As always, please let us know if you have questions.

Stay healthy and take care!