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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
While SAP TechEd 2022 is in full swing (see all ABAP-related content here), customers and partners of SAP BTP ABAP Environment can already enjoy latest features as part of the recent release 2211.

As always, please enjoy my little overview of most important features and their respective details.

All available new features can be found on the official release notes page.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Support for navigation to the base behavior definition of an interface or projection behavior definition in the Relation Explorer (details)

  • Enhancements to the ABAP Object search including new filters and grouping options in the search view as well as new supported object types (details)

  • Support for displaying the transport action log in the Transport Request editor (details)

  • Support for an additional level in the business object composition tree

  • Support for new scenario options such as adding copy actions, deprecate actions and data consistency checks in the Business Configuration Maintenance Object wizard

  • Support for quick assist to add a friends declaration to a global class for a test class (details)

  • Support for new ABAP repository object type Metric Provider which can be used to define own application-specific metrics for health monitoring (details)

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for the definition of static feature control for fields in a RAP BO interface (details)

  • Support for usage of released CDS views as value help for existing factory calendars, holiday calendars and holidays

  • Support for excluding fields as trigger condition (see details here & here)

  • Availability of documentation for the modeling of parameters and usage of their representation (details)

  • Support for dynamic and static feature control for large objects in OData V2 (details)

  • Enhancements to the RAP BO authorization control via own authorization context (details)


  • Enhancements to the ATC Configurator App including the export of changes as JSON file and new options for the Transport Check Policy (details)

  • Support for the download of a list of communication users in the Maintain Communication Users app (details)

  • Support for creating drafts and versions of key user adaptations (details)

  • Support for the new Health Monitoring app to locally monitor the health of the system based on KPIs (details)

  • Support for the new Maintain Customizing Translations app which allows translating client-specific customizing (details)

  • Enhancements to the Technical Monitoring Cockpit including monitoring of system outbound communication as well as workload metrics for RFC, HTTP and Web service calls (details here and here)

  • Availability of new KPIs in SAP Cloud ALM to monitor system health (details)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Support for moving packages from ZLOCAL to custom-defined software components (details)

  • Enablement of all RAP related development objects for push and pull with abapGit

  • Support for import and export of ATC check variants, check objects and check categories via abapGit (details)

  • Support for changing the target of customizing transports to specific software components in the Export Customizing Transports app


  • Optimization of the persistence of the ABAP stack for HANA Cloud which leads to an increase of available HANA memory for custom development and application runtime by roughly 2 GB

Integration & Security

  • Support for two new integration scenarios covering the integration of Business User Change Documents and Business Role Change Documents (details here and here)

  • Support for the integration of customer-managed Cloud SMTP services for outbound emails (details)

  • Support for new filters for productive business roles in the Unrestricted Business Roles chart in the IAM Key Figures app (details)

Reuse Services

  • Enhancements to the XCO Library including support for PATCH operations for both domains and data elements by the XCO Generation APIs as well as extended scope for the XLSX module which now allows to write data into newly created workbooks (details)

  • Availability of an API for text translations to download texts created by key users and upload translations

As always, please let us know if you have questions.

Stay healthy and take care!