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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Following up on the SAP BTP ABAP Environment release 2202, where we shipped many new features in areas such as minimum system size, reuse services and debugger tooling, the new release 2205 focuses on enhancements to the RAP generator, the handling of software components, and many more. The following overview shall serve as a quick reference to the most important features of this new release.

As always, our official release notes page contains full details.

RAP Generator for Business Configuration

The RAP Generator now allows generation of Business Configuration Maintenance Objects using the “Generate ABAP Repository Objects” wizard. This means that you can generate these objects including all related development objects based on a database table. Details can be found here.

Enhancement of Manage Software Component App

The app “Manage Software Components” has been enhanced with new features in the area of commit handling, settings and UI. This includes, for example, support for pulling specific commits as well as cloning based on specific tags and commits. A new settings dialog provides more control over the current software component by supporting adjustments to the repository role and configuration of the rollback mechanism. Furthermore, a new status section on the detail pages shows information of the software component and process, including active branch, cloned status etc.

Transport of Business Roles

Business Roles can now be transported using customizing transports. In the “Maintain Business Roles” app, respective business roles can be selected for the transport, which is then released in the “Export Customizing” app. This customizing transport can then be imported into the target system. More information can be found here.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Support for maintaining business configuration maintenance objects (details)

  • Support for business maintenance configurations (SMBC) in the new form-based editor in ADT (details)

  • Support for moving objects between transport requests and tasks

  • Support for displaying the revision history of an object locked in a transport request via respective transport views

  • Enablement of keyword code completion in the source code editor (details)

  • Support for creating and editing Knowledge Transfer Documents for ATC checks (details)

  • Support for short texts in enabled documentation nodes in the Knowledge Transfer Document Editor (details)

  • Support for the SQL service request type during creation of an ABAP Trace Request (details)

  • Support for additional information about used table buffering of CDS entity views in the Element Information popup (details)

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for definition of business object interfaces to introduce additional abstraction layer between RAP BOs and their business service projection layer

  • Support for using the option WITH FULL DATA for an unmanaged or an additional save of a managed BO (details)


  • Support for new metrics in SAP Cloud ALM which cover application job and log statistics as well as the number of users and sessions (details)

  • Support for the new capture profile SAP_DYNAMIC_CAPTURING in the Capture Request Statistics app which provides a classified view on ABAP statistics records for top workloads (details)

  • Enhancements to the “Export Customizing Transports” app including a new sorting order for table keys of an object and changes how semantic types are displayed (details)

  • Support for the development of custom shell-plugins for the SAP Fiori Launchpad on ABAP Environment

  • Support for defining log messages and their granularity to be displayed in the “Display Launchpad Content Exposure app (details here and here)

  • Enablement of the new launchpad setting EXPOSURE_HOMEPAGE_STRUCTURE which allows to choose which homepage structure should be exposed (details here and here)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Availability of a new step in Piper to deploy ATC configuration

Integration & Security

  • Support for transport of Read Access Logging (RAL) configuration

  • Support for configuration of outbound emails using class CL_BCS_MAIL_SYSTEM_CONFIG (details)


  • Support for the registration of an ABAP Environment system for a pre-upgrade in the Landscape Portal (details)

Reuse Services

  • Enhancements to the XCO Library including an introduction of the origin concept for the XCO Read APIs, the integration of HASH algorithms and RAP behavior messages as well as a possibility to specify CDS provider contracts

  • Enhancements to the Application Log API including access to number of messages, definition of filters for which messages are added to a log, release of the memory of a log and more (details)

Hopefully this condensed overview has helped you to get a quick overview of the progress we made as part of this release. Please let us know if you have questions.

Stay healthy and take care!