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One of the benefits of using SAP BTP ABAP Environment is that updates and upgrades are applied by SAP to the systems in quiet a high frequency and close to the corresponding release time.
Find the latest known dates of Major Upgrade Windows and Weekly Maintenance Windows for 2021 in this blog.

Major Upgrade Windows

As in 2020, the SAP BTP ABAP Environment will have 4 Major Upgrade Windows in 2021. These 24 hours of potential system unavailability are used to upgrade the systems to the next major version.

The dates for the Major Upgrade Windows are harmonized between all SAP Cloud Products and scheduled for the following weekends:

  • February 20th - 21st (Release 2102)

  • May 22nd - 23rd (Release 2105) 

  • August 21st - 22nd (Release 2108) 

  • November 13th - 14th (Release 2111) 

Depending on the data center region, the 24 hours downtime will start/end at:

  • APJ: FRI 9 pm – SAT 9 pm UTC

  • Europe: SAT 4 am – SUN 4 am UTC

  • Americas: SAT 10 am – SUN 10 am UTC


Weekly Maintenance Windows

Potentially every weekend, the SAP BTP ABAP Environment could use a downtime of 4 hours, to apply database updates, Hotfix Collections and other changes.

Depending on the data center region, the 4 hours downtime may start at:

  • APJ: SAT 3 pm UTC

  • Europe: SAT 10 pm UTC

  • Americas: SUN 4 am UTC

For release 2111 the following dates are currently (October 2021) scheduled as Weekly Maintenance Windows:

  • Hotfix Collection 3 for Release 2111 (only for systems which belong to the preliminary upgrade)

    • November 13th – 14th 2021

  • Hotfix Collection 4 for Release 2111

    • December 11th – 12th 2021

  • Hotfix Collection 5 for Release 2111

    • January 8th – 9th 2022

  • Hotfix Collection 6 for Release 2111

    • January 22nd – 23rd 2022


Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS)

Please register to Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS) to get important information about planned and unplanned downtimes:


We have taken all measures possible to make this post as accurate as possible, but things sometimes fall through the cracks. In case you find any errors or inconsistencies please let us know.
The above given dates and times might change without notice and/or reflection in this blog. For latest accurate dates and times, please check out the referenced, and non-referenced information available from SAP.