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SQLANYs_SQLAnywhereForBI Repository is marked for deletion

During the process of De/Installing a Patch for the BOE/BI Platform 4.x SP03 or SP04 the Service and/or the connection to the Sybase Anywhere Repository SQLANYs_SQLAnywhereForBI is marked for deletion in the Windows Service Panel.

This causes a stall of the Deinstallation of the BI Patch, due to the fact that the SQL Anywhere Repository is shutdown and the Start/Service is removed.

You can solve the Problem with the usage of the SQL Anywhere Client, which has the capability to recreate the Service Entry in a Win64 based system again.

There is also a corresponding SAP Note available:
Note 2428625 - BI 4.x - SQLANYs_SQLAnywhereForBI marked for deletion

Download the current SQLAnywhere Client for the Service Market Place -

Unpack with the ZIP file and run the setup excutable with the tailored option.

mark only the SQL Anywhere (64-Bit) and un-mark all other option, as they are not needed.

Once the setup is finished, start the SQL Central Client and navigate to the "SQL Anywhere 17" Folder on the left side and on the left side to the Tab Strip "Services"

If the Service SQLANYs_SQLAnywhereForBI is missing create the Service with the wizard with the right mouse click "new Service"

use the exact name which was used in the initial BI Platform Server Installation

choose the option "Network Database Server"

Point the dbsrv16.exe executable to the correct location were the BI Platform Installation is located, e.g. <LW>:\usr\sap\BI4\sqlanywhere\BIN64\dbsrv16.exe

Now this is the interesting part, as you have to specify the correct Parameters for the startup of the existing BI4 SQL Anywhere Database:
-n BI4 
-x tcpip(PORT=2638;DoBroadcast=NO;BroadcastListener=NO)
-o "<LW>:\usr\sap\BI4\SAP BusinessObjects\sqlanywhere\database\BI4_log.txt"
"<LW>:\usr\sap\BI4\SAP BusinessObjects\sqlanywhere\database\BI4_CMS.db"
"<LW>:\usr\sap\BI4\SAP BusinessObjects\sqlanywhere\database\BI4_Audit.db"

Once the wizard is finished, the Service appears again in the Services Panel.

As a final step, you have to check the Dependency in the CMC Service, as the original Service was marked for deletion.

Now you can start the Server Intelligence Agent in the CMC again, as the dependencies are correct.

The BI Plattform Services including the SQL Anywhere Database are starting correct now and the Deinstallation of the Patch continues.

The problem hopefully is solved with the upcoming Patches for the BI 4.x Platform.

Note 2376106 - CMS won’t start after applying BI patch

Roland Kramer, PM EDW (BW/HANA/IQ), SAP SE