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Since last year end, we have released 30-day free trial library of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence(BI) Platform 4.1 SP6 and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 SP2 in SAP Cloud Appliance Library. Till now there are more than 240 instances deployed based on these two libraries.



If you fit into one of the following categories, this free trial BI version is exactly for you:


  • You are not familiar of SAP Business Intelligence and you want to try it and see how it works

  • You are already running a previous BI version and you plan to upgrade to BI4.1 or BI4.2

  • You want to check if some issues have been fixed in recent BI release


What is SAP Cloud Appliance Library(CAL)?


SAP Cloud Appliance Library is an on-demand solution that allows you to quickly deploy pre-configured SAP System libraries to your cloud account of the supported cloud providers. It currently supports Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.


SAP Cloud Appliance Library supports use cases for business validation, test & demo, trial, development, proof of concept, training and evaluation as well as production deployment. And Depending on the use case, different license/subscription costs will apply. However, access to SAP Cloud Appliance Library ( is always free of charge.


  • Trials: you have to pay for the infrastructure costs of the chosen cloud provider

  • Subscription: you need to bring in your own license for the SAP product (BYOL), you need to purchase a CAL subscription and you have to pay the infrastructure costs of the cloud provider. More details are available here: What is this CAL subscription fee about?


Now our BI libraries are trial version and they can be deployed to AWS in SAP CAL. You don't need to pay for SAP license  but you still need to pay for the infrastructure costs of AWS. The cost in AWS depends on the hardware usage, see: And our BI library is using below template:



What is Amazon Web Services?


Amazon Web Services ( is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Which means you don't need to buy your own physical machine server but you can run your applications in AWS.


Amazon provides a Virtual Private Cloud ( feature which enables you to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that you've defined. You can optionally connect your VPC to your own corporate data center using an IPsec hardware VPN connection, making the AWS cloud an extension of your data center. Which means if you deploy SAP BI to AWS, you can utilize your existing data sources just like you run SAP BI in your corporate network.




How to deploy SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform in SAP Cloud Appliance Library?


  1. You need to get a AWS account and configure it in CAL, see SAP Cloud Appliance Library eLearning(

  2. Logon SAP Cloud Appliance Library. Choose your target library and click "Create Instance"

  3. Then fill in the requested information. Please use Advanced Mode if you want to change the default Virtual Machine template. You will also see Cost Forecast of for your instance on right top corner so you can plan your usage according to cost.

  4. After the instance is created and running, you can access BI Launch Pad and CMC with your instance IP.
    The default login is: administrator/Appl1ance.
    If you want to access the backend OS, please refer to on "How to access to backend servers on the Operating System (OS) level?" section.

  5. In CMC, you will see a 30 days temp license has already been placed.

  6. You can also check your cost from reporting page.


Now your SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform is ready. Go ahead and explore it.


If you are not familiar with SAP Cloud Appliance, you can refer to: