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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As part of BI 4.2 SP05 we have introduced a the new FIORI based application BI Administration Console to simplify and automate administration tasks with Landscape Management and Automation Framework (Introduction to BI Administration Console).

In the BI 4.3 release we have simplified the architecture and integrated the applications into the Central Management Console (CMC):

  • Automation Framework is renamed as Workflow Assistant

  • Landscape Management is now the Systems tab in Workflow Assistant

  • The service ActiveMQ is removed, Services Automation Framework and  Agent are merged into one service called Workflow Assistant

  • Usability enhancements

  • Help integrated in the Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide, section Workflow Assistant


CMC Integration

No separate URL http://<server>:<port>/BOE/BIAdminConsole anymore, Workflow Assistant with all the features can be found in the Manage section of the CMC:

The Workflow Assistant comes with the tabs Scenarios,Workflow Templates and Systems (former Landscape Management):


Workflow Assistant - Service

The service ActiveMQ is removed. The services Automation Framework and  Agent are merged into Workflow Assistant service, managed in the CCM.

With this change there is no more the option to add new Agent services. The task execution load is always managed by the Workflow Assistant service.



Some information about changes in the configuration.

Enterprise Authentication

Trusted configuration is still needed for Workflow Assistant, but the Shared Secret must be downloaded to a different folder now:

In Windows, at <INSTALLDIR>/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64.
For unix systems you can find the information in the BI Platform Administration Guide.

Default User for Workflow Assistant Service

It is recommended to create a new user for Workflow Assistant with the name WAUser and grant Full Control for this user on folder Workflow Assistant. The service will be started using the WAUser account. The Administrator account will be used if the WAUser doesn't exist.


Scenario - Folders

The scenarios can now be organized and managed in folders, like documents in BI Launchpad:


Scenario - Use Task Templates

Task Templates can now be used in scenarios. It is not needed to create a Workflow Template anymore.


Task Template - Parameters

Parameters for Task Templates can now be defined in Scenarios and Workflow Templates. For example you can create a workflow template with a parameter definition. This allows you to create a library which can be easily reused in scenarios.

In the sample below, there is a Workflow Template to query the list of users:

This workflow template can be used in scenarios (Custom WFT) and the condition is already set with the default value defined in the workflow template:


Scenario - Run with Parameter

It is now possible to change or set the parameters when you run the scenario:

the Task Templates will be listed:

and parameter values can be changed:


Scenario - Save

As we introduced Run with Parameter, you can now save a scenario without setting all the parameter values.


Task Templates

We have introduced new Standard Task Templates:

  • Save Output with BI 4.2 SP07

  • Set Server Properties with BI 4.3.

To add more Task Templates you can develop Custom Task Templates and/or use the samples available with the SAP Samples project I have started (BI Automation Framework SamplesSAP Samples GitHub).


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