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Product and Topic Expert

Github repo with examples about SAP Automation Pilot commands in action

Hello everyone! I am super excited to share that there is a public Github repo with sample use cases on how SAP Automation Pilot can help your (Dev)Ops team become more efficient! Thus, do not waste more time but you can check it out at Github repo - Automation Pilot Examples !

Why we need this public repository?

Among the vast array of tools available, SAP Automation Pilot has emerged as a solid and competitive cloud application within the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) DevOps portfolio, revolutionizing the way DevOps team streamline their ops processes. In a nutshell, SAP Automation pilot offers low-code / no-code automation engine capabilities that allow these teams to automate sequences of ops steps, use catalogs of automated commands provided by SAP or build custom executions (if needed) and run scripts in a serverless manner.

An overview of SAP Automation Pilot capabilities is visualised as per the diagram underneath:

SAP Automation Pilot - Capabilities Overview

During the last year, based on users' feedback our team has figured out that the product is powerful enough to deliver the needed value to every DevOps team seeking for an ops automation tool in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). However, something we could improve is the onboarding of new teams into SAP Automation Pilot and the learning curve.

Thus, we have decided to create a public repo with main use cases, step-by-step guide and explanations and also sharing to public the exact commands we have used for each scenario (see an example below) so that you can import them into the SAP Automation Pilot .

Automation Pilot - Sample command for importing

More details about the public repository

This repository contains examples about Automation Pilot commands which demonstrate the automation of various scenarios such as:

  • Remediation & maintenance procedures

  • Apps & DBs Health checking

  • Root cause analysis

  • Mass operations

  • and many more...

These examples can be used with little to no changes as the provided commands are explained in step-by-step guide and also can be imported directly into your SAP Automation Pilot instance. Of course, as already noted, you can import and modify the provided commands in order to fit better into your specific needs / use cases.

Hint: more details on how to use the examples provided in Github can be found in the repo as well, simply follow this link: Examples - How to use them

The samples are also structured based on the main product which the automation flow is targeted for, e.g. HANA Cloud, Cloud Foundry, BTP Provisioning, ect (see below a quick overview on some of the currently available examples and its structure).

Commands visualised in a structured manner

What's next?

As of now there are 15+ examples provided, so big credits go to kaloyan (SAP Automation Pilot - Product Owner) who had created most of the content. Nevertheless, the repo and the examples covered are expected to grow over the time as everyone is more than welcome to contribute by providing feedback, suggestions for improvements, changes in the repo and even create a new content. So, let's help each other by sharing different use cases and possible implementation of the powerful SAP Automation Pilot!

In case you have any questions / comment about the product itself - please do not hesitate to leave a comment or reach out directly to me - biser.simeonov.