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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
Good morning! It is April 9th, so Happy IoT Day, everyone!

IoT Day was initiated in 2010 by Rob van Kranenburg of IoT Council. The event has grown in scale and scope as Internet of Things is sinking into the everyday, but the original idea was and still is to get together and to share knowledge, experience and passion.


SCN gives us a chance to get together, even if virtually today. And let me share some great IoT resources with you in SAP Community.

1/ is one of the fastest growing developer communities for learning, programming, and building IoT projects. You can find lots of inspiration there, and - even better - to share your projects with others.

SAP has a channel at Hackster as well: If you share stuff you've built with some hardware and with SAP IoT here at SCN, then that channel can be a great mirroring place to share it as well and to reach out to those using the same hardware. Try it out!


This repository provides information and code for working with SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things. The code samples there are provided directly by our IoT development team, and are split into IoT Services for both Neo and CloudFoundry environments.

3/ Discover SAP IoT Application Enablement with hands-on exercises

Recently we've made available a free 30-Day fully functional trial system of SAP IoT Application Enablement for you to learn developing applications on IoT data. Just follow the tutorial available at:

4/ "Disruption with Purpose: Building IoT Cloud Apps Driven by Sensor Data" webinar

Our SAP colleagues sujit.hemachandran and david.sacks will present this webinar tomorrow, on April 10th. You can find more (including a recording on the later date) at

I hope you will enjoy these resources as you will enjoy today's IoT Day!


‘Till next time then,
-Vitaliy, aka @Sygyzmundovych
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