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It is with great pleasure that I can share exciting new features of the latest version 1.6.0 of the SAP Ariba Shopping mobile app.

Since the mobile application was released in the second half of 2022, the team has continued to work closely with customers and partners to collect feedback and to gain new insights on how to improve and enhance the user experience beyond the initial scope. In case you are not yet familiar with the SAP Ariba Shopping mobile app, you can find the initial product overview in Jens Trummer’s blog post.

SAP Ariba Shopping mobile app

Let’s get to what’s new in the application with release 1.6.0:

Sort and filter for Search Results

With the enhanced sort feature users will be able to sort by characteristics like relevance, best-selling items, price, and alphabetical order. And to make searching for the perfect items even better, the new filter function does allow to filter according to categories, price, manufacturer name, supplier ID, keyword for all search results. As search results can often include large number of results, this feature will minimize the need to scroll through lengthy lists and enable them to find what they are searching for much faster.

These two features were very high on the wish list of many users, and now they can have a more organized and structured view to increase efficiency and filter down to relevant items with ease and in no time. The new and improved search does provide a great enhancement of the user experience.

Improved search with sort and filter options

Performance improvements

Adding items to a cart is now significantly faster. Users can perform other tasks while a cart is updating in the background. This will make  adding items to the cart a more fluid task with significantly less time waiting for a response.

Minimum order requirements

The latest version now does support minimum order requirements, i.e. a minimum quantity of items a user has to order. This will be clearly visible to the user, stating the minimum order requirement in the cart and on the product detail screen, and it does explain why the order quantity might be higher than what the user had initially entered when adding an item to the cart.

Mandatory items in the cart

With release 1.6.0 mandatory items have now been added to the cart functionality, previously those mandatory items were handled on the product detail screen only. Those items that do typically belong to a main item, like a maintenance or care package that’s always tied to a computer purchase, are now automatically part of the cart. Adding this new feature does improve the user experience and ensures compliance with company policies when purchasing certain items.

Mandatory items


Push notifications for Purchase Requisition status changes

As a user I want to stay informed about any changes to a requisition. With the latest release the new push notifications can provide such updates when the status of a requisition is changed to one of the following: Fully approved, ordered, or denied. This does eliminate the tedious need to periodically check back on the status of a requisition.

Display of message details

Version 1.6.0 now shows a more detailed description of an error and the specific location, adding more information and explanation for the user to take corrective steps. Previous releases only display the header information.

Delete Requisition

Users are now able to delete a requisition in composing status. To do this, they can navigate to Profile and My Requisition and select any requisition still in composing status. With this feature users can better maintain and administrate their requisition backlog.


With all these exciting new features the app further improves the outstanding user experience, offering flexibility for those who are on the go, anytime they are away from their desk, or even in the office. At the same time the app increases contract compliance.


• SAP BTP Global Account
• SAP Ariba Shopping BTP service
• iOS 14 or above
• Android 7.0 Nougat or above


Are you ready to get started?

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get started:

Are you looking for documentation?

Check out the SAP Ariba Shopping User and Admin guides on the SAP Help Portal.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please share your thoughts and any feedback you have on SAP Ariba Shopping in the comments!