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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


On June 2, SAP AppGyver documentation has received a major update. In this blog post, we’ll explore the most important changes.

New Structure

The documentation has been completely restructured. It is now utilizing the grouping method, instead of having many nested pages in a single list. It was done to improve the navigation and allow for better content discoverability, as looking through different groups is much easier than going through many pages. It is also now easier for us to publish new docs to appropriate locations and ensure the proper delivery.

Note! Most of the elements with a drop-down symbol are either pages or index lists! For the best experience with the docs, aim at navigating via the page names, and not the drop-down symbol.

Up To Date Improvements

During the content moving process, most of the articles have received Up To Date improvements. That includes updating the screenshots, terminology, language, and practical usage.

For reference, check out:

New content

Apart from updating the existing material, the major overhaul additionally brought new content.


Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms with definitions. Some terms may be confusing throughout your journey with SAP AppGyver, thus making the Glossary a perfect solution. At the moment, it covers all basic concepts and will include more over time.


The AppGyver Academy is now being deprecated with the new update and is getting a new life in the face of the ‘Quick-start’ section. As most of the content in the Academy was aimed at the beginner audience, the ‘Quick-start’ will now be a better representation of that. Furthermore, there will be an additional major update of the section later in the year.

Reference pages

In the previous version of our documentation, using reference pages was not user-friendly. With the new update, all master pages are now index pages with a short introduction on what the flow/formula function actually does. This way, it becomes faster and easier to navigate through them and found the one that suits your needs.

Platform and User Experience


With the update, we have transitioned to a new knowledge base platform, that brought numerous internal/external features, enabling a better User Experience:

  • Every article now has a reading time estimate in the header bar, based on the word count and average reading speed.

  • It also provides several buttons for easy sharing via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and, email.

  • You can use the Dark/Light theme switch on top of the article to adjust the colors to your preference.

  • Every article can be downloaded as a PDF in case you need to take some knowledge off-line.

  • Dynamic table of contents makes it easy to navigate through the article.


In addition to article-wide changes, the search function of the docs is now providing a better experience. Results are filtered by relevance to the search query and are showed with the name of the article, along a short context preview.

Font & theming

Overall, the documentation is now using the SAP 72 font which is optimized for any screen consumption. Its design increases readability and accessibility. A wider apex and open counters help with character recognition at smaller sizes. For instance, differentiation of character details, such as the number “1” and the lower case “l” versus the capital “I”.


To summarize, our team is working hard to bring the best learning experience to SAP AppGyver. Constant improvements to documentation ensure proper coverage of existing and new features. While the documentation revamp was an important step, it is certainly not the last one. We will continue improving the available content and update on coming features in the shortest time possible.

👉 Visit the new SAP AppGyver documentation and let us know what you think.