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API Business Hub is a central catalog for all SAP and selected partner APIs. Here, along with finding open API specifications for numerous APIs, you can also find best practice pre-packaged content that can be used to ease your API development significantly.

In my previous blog I spoke about pre-packaged Policy Templates that are now available on the API Hub. Very soon, you will also see ready-to-use API proxies being available on the Hub. Now that all this content is in one place, you would be wondering if there is an easy way to consume them in your API Management service. Yes, that’s possible!

API Management is now fully integrated with API Business Hub. This means, you can browse through all the API content on the Hub from your API Portal, without leaving your application. You just have to click on the ‘Discover’ tab.


You can view the API documentation and the Policy Template content to make your consumption decision. In case you want to experience the API against sandbox environment, you can easily reach the same API Package on the Hub by clicking on ‘View in API Business Hub’.


Consuming Policy Templates

In order to start using a Policy Template, you have to click on ‘Copy’ on the interested content. The template gets created in your API Portal and can be seen under ‘Develop’ / ‘POLICY TEMPLATES’ tab. It is now ready to be applied to any of your API Proxies.


Consuming API Specifications

If you want to provide an API Proxy and add policies to any of the APIs on the Hub, just click on ‘Copy’.


You will see a dialog where most of the content is pre-filled for you including the list of Production URLs to choose from as your target service. You may have to provide your account/landscape details in some cases (if the API demands such information, this is purely dynamic based on the content you choose to copy). Fill in the details and submit.

You should now see an API Proxy – with the target endpoint and the resources created under ‘Develop’ / ‘APIS’ tab. You can go ahead and deploy the API Proxy to test the working of it. You can also add the Policies of your choice to manage the newly created API Proxy.

This was super easy, isn’t it? 🙂 So, go ahead and feel free to take advantage of all the content on API Business Hub in your API Management subscription.