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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


A rename to align with the function

The SAP API Business Hub has grown in scope, visitor persona, and content types. SAP customers, prospective customers, and consultants looking to accelerate their adoption and implementation often visit for prebuilt artifacts, templates, APIs, and events but they also find Business Processes, CDS views, BAdIs too, and with SAP Build Content also on the roadmap,  the time was ripe to find a new name for that was better aligned to the function.

The goal of SAP API Business Hub from the very start was to offer accelerators by which customers derive value in the shortest time. While the initial focus was on integrations, then APIs, and with time new content types are being added like business processes, SAP BTP for the ABAP environment, SAP Build, and many more in the pipeline, it seemed prudent to align the name with the function than technology.

Another way of seeing this is that any piece of content whether reusable or a template for e.g., an integration flow, a workflow, or an API has relevance in multiple dimensions like technology, industry, product. To tell the whole story we need to describe the one point at which all this converged and that was the Customer and our purpose which is to speed up the customer's time to value.

Hence the change to SAP Business Accelerator Hub which encompasses the goal to be achieved and its value to our users.

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