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In November last year, SAP took over the lead for the BOSH OpenStack CPI from the Cloud Foundry Foundation. There are five developers from SAP and two developers from SUSE Linux working in this project, contributing to open-source full-time. And now we're opening this team to the outside by establishing a Cloud Foundry Dojo.

When you're contributing to an open-source project, it is usually a long way until you're made a committer. It takes months of high-quality contributions until the maintainers decide that you should have the right to make modifications to the code directly, without the need to go through a review first. Not so in the Cloud Foundry Foundation projects.

The Cloud Foundry Dojo is a faster track to committer status for official Cloud Foundry Foundation projects. In this unique approach, you work side by side with the open-source team members for 6 weeks on the regular backlog. You get to know the ins and outs of the project, and even more importantly, learn about how we work. Afterwards, you should have all required skills to continue working on the project, when you're back at your company and can continue to contribute to the project.

I'm stressing the how we work specifically, because the expected working model is different from how I've worked before – inside and outside of SAP. We pair program. Every day. From beginning of a work day until the end. Home office or a different location is no reason to not work in a pair: The colleagues from SUSE are located in Nuremberg, so we use screen sharing to work with them. We work test-driven. We have one-week iterations. Sounds great, right? :smile: Talking to the developers in the team there is one sentence you keep hearing over and over: "I wouldn't want to work differently anymore".

At SAP, we have 10 developers who have gone through the Cloud Foundry Dojo program in different teams. Now, we offer you this experience in Walldorf with the first Cloud Foundry Dojo in Germany! Come to our booth at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt if you're interested!

[edit: the text previously stated that the SAP dojo was the first one outside of the US. As there already is a dojo in the Pivotal offices in London, the text was adapted to reflect this.]