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How long would it take you to select and aggregate 290 million cashflows for Basel 3 liquidity requirements?
Join SAP at the GARP Risk Conference this March and find out….how long it took us
GARP Risk Management Convention
SAP Breakfast Briefing Info:
Wed, March 3, 7:30 – 8:15am
"Moving Forward-Looking Liquidity Exposure Analytics to Intraday"
  • As a result of the credit crunch, financial institutions need to manage liquidity risk efficiently while also addressing new regulations. Managing current and future cash flow and collateral needs quickly and cost-effectively is critical.
  • This session will explore these new realities in liquidity management and the real-time technologies, consolidation of processes, and re-engineering of risk management processes needed to respond to them.
Sinan Baskan, Vice
President, Capital Markets, Global Banking IBU, SAP
I will be attending the informative sessions and am available for one on one meetings during the
event.  Let’s discuss why SAP is the key banking and capital markets you don’t know about YET.
  • Today’s regulatory environment is fraught with landmines and uncertainty, how is SAP taking our financial and
    technology leadership and launching the agile computing paradigm you need now but cannot get from your current spaghetti based infrastructure.  Data warehouses are the enemy of the regulators and are dragging you down with latency, we can help!!
    Email me to schedule a meeting, at the least it will be informative, perhaps even transformative…..
    Twitter: @TedLuchsinger
    Liquidity risk webinar link: