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In a world where consumers have become expert internet researchers and prefer “showrooming” and social media over speaking to a customer service rep, it's become increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up. And when consumers decide to interact with a brand, they expect to be treated the same across all touch-points whether web, call center or in-store.

SAP's recent acquisition of hybris means companies of all shapes and sizes can re-capture the hearts and minds of customers in this hyper-competitive "omni-commerce" arena. SAP and hybris provided more detail on how the two companies will compliment each other, and what it means for the future of commerce, at a recent press event in New York.

“Bringing SAP and hybris together changes the future of commerce,” said jonathan.becher, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at SAP. “This isn’t about managing relationships, it’s about delivering a unified and consistent experience. We have to listen and respond to a host of digital signals across the web that we don’t own or control.”

Ariel Luedi, CEO of hybris said customers expect the same answers and treatment across different channels, which, as mentioned, is not so easy when the web, retail stores and call centers are taken into consideration. Hybris and SAP can integrate across all channels, according to Luedi.

“We can deeply integrate into the back end of SAP systems,” said Luedi. “If we connect demand and supply chains, imagine the new business model we could provide? We believe mastering this process and data complexity is the key to providing a great customer experience.”

MSA (Mine Safety Appliances) participated in a customer panel (pictured) and provided a good idea of how SAP and hybris will compliment each other. MSA is a premier safety product manufacturer with a huge global catalog and 40 different regional web sites. Customer needs vary by region. Fire safety might be important in the U.S., for instance, but not in other regions. To help manage this complexity, MSA implemented the hybris Product Content Management (PCM) system globally with plans to roll out to other global partners over the next few years.

“With hybris PCM we can have a global portfolio of products and deliver a different catalog to each part of the world,” said Susie Sapsara, Global E-Business Manager, hybris. “All data from the b-to-b commerce piece comes right out of our SAP ERP system.”

Sapsara said MSA will soon implement SAP CRM and looks forward to how it will integrate with hybris. Speaking of integration, SAP's Becher confirmed that SAP HANA will also integrate with hybris and offer unparalleled competitive advantage for businesses looking to make real-time connections (and sales) with customers.

At the end of the day, SAP and hybris share the same, strong commitment to customers and people, according to Steve Kramer, EVP, Americas, hybris.

“Our SAP customer base felt it was a matter of time, two pieces of a puzzle that needed to come together. Non-SAP customers are excited as well. They know SAP is an innovative company and can provide a lot more value to their organizations. We are future-proofing our businesses and the industry sees this as a positive move. Together we are able to move the needle a lot quicker.”

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How SAP and hybris will Revolutionize Customer Engagement