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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Analytics Designer: limitless Custom Application Design

With SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer you can create applications for data analysis to meet sophisticated business requirements. It provides a dedicated development environment with advanced scripting capabilities.

Since Analytics Designer is almost limitless when it comes to custom application design, the use cases are countless.Time to talk some useful assets for developers in this blog.

A very nice example of an Analytics Designer developed dashboard is here. From within the application OData actions are called, and it also embeds activating Smart Discovery, SAC Data Explorer and R visualizations


Resources: developer handbook and best practices

There are hardly any excuses for you not to start building your own applications. Well, you might have had one: the need for for a developer handbook explaining you the menu's, detailing out all the widgets and API's and bringing best practices on scripting and design principles.

SAP now has published this Analytics Designer developer handbook. You can download it here. It's a very comprehensive guide and a #MustRead for every developer.

Together with the handbook, we brought some guiding examples shipped with SAP Analytics Cloud that show you how to script and design certain functionalities. Just go to the sample section and look for the Analytic Designer Feature sections. The guiding samples are on topics like:

  • add and remove dimension s in rows and columns of a table

  • select measures through a checkbox group

  • select measures through a drop-down box

  • use a Filter Line to filter tables and charts

  • cascaded filtering

  • switch between tables and charts

  • select table and chart content through a settings pop-up

  • interact with R-visualizations

  • use Smart Features inside applications

The above samples are a great help. But there is more: the blog Analytics Designer: Typical Patterns and Samples goes the next level and discusses the WebPage widget together with Navigation and Explorere API's. All with clear scripting and calling descriptions. The same blog also OData calling and PostMessaging. Superbly good! Finally it provides a sample application for you to download and practice


Successor for Lumira Designer and Design Studio

I am a pretty experienced user of SAP Design Studio and later Lumira Designer. A year ago I moved over to Application Designer and never regretted.

Application Design is almost on par when compared to the Designer features, closing the gap utterly quick. But the same Application Designer is far (!) beyond when it comes to end-to-end coverage of insights: since it builds upon SAP Analytics Cloud you can leverage all the planning and predictive capabilities as well. On top, Analytics Designer provides you all the smart features that come with SAP Analytics Cloud, and it allows you to call specifics like Search to Insights, Smart Discovery, Data Analyzer or Data Explorer. This opens up such a huge era of capabilities you simply should not ignore as a custom application developer.


Self-service KPI application

A use case that really suites Analytics Designer is the one of the custom KPI tiles. In this use case the end user can select the various KPI's that should appear on his/her dashboard from a multi-select-box. These KPi's appear in numeric point format eventually allowing to even open the Data Explorer. Super simple and greatly appreciated by end users.

The below video shows the example. In the second part of the video you also see how to call Data Analyzer and Search To Insight.


Happy designing ! My journey has started and I will share my applications through this community. Please share your as well. Some cool examples of our customers are here.