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For those of you that use SAP Analytics Cloud in combination BW queries, you might be familiar with the scenario, that your BW query has variables, and that the user is getting prompted to provide input values to those variables.

If so, I am sure you are familiar with the screen similar to the one shown below.


The user has the option then to provide the values to the variables. After the user has filled those variables with values, the option for the user to change the values typically would mean to re-prompt for the values and it might not always be exactly what you are looking for as user experience.

In addition to the re-prompting, you now also have the option to re-use your existing variables in form of Story Filters.

The Story Designer can simply create a new story filter...

.. and as part of this process the story designer can now simply choose, which variable would be exposed as story filter.

After configuring it, the consumer of the story, can simply click on the Story Filter and will receive the exact same UI that the user already knows from the variable prompting screen and can configure the variable values without the need to "re-prompt" in form of a popup screen.