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In this blog, I want to give you an overview and some information about User Profile.The user profile is used frequently throughout the application, for instance, to make it simple to identify the individuals taking part in a discussion. In addition to the display name and ID, the user profile picture appears when you choose a user in any dialog, such as when you assign a manager to a user on the Users management page.


You may also view the whole user profile to learn more about the individual in the following areas:


1. Each conversation participant's name and photo appear in the Collaboration panel. You can view the complete profile and initiate a one-on-one conversation with the user by hovering the cursor over their image.


2. In the Event area, the user whose photo is associated with an event or a task is shown in those details. The profile of the user who needs to review a task, for instance, is displayed.


3. By clicking on the user's ID in the Users section of user management, you may view the whole profile.


Making a new user's basic user profile


A system administrator must enter at least a user ID, the user's first and last names, which appear automatically in the user profile, when creating a new user in the user management section.



Once you open the SAC tenant - You can navigate to Profile from the right corner of the SAC page.


To view and update details, click your profile picture to launch the Profile Settings dialog.



A placeholder image for a photo is shown by default. Choose Upload Profile Image from the Profile Options window or click the placeholder to upload your own photo from your computer.


Your profile data will be taken from your SAP Cloud ID profile if you use SAP Cloud Identity (ID). Choose Edit Profile & Change Password from the Profile Settings dialogue to edit your SAP Cloud ID profile.


Change Password


Choose Edit Profile & Change Password in your user profile if you are connecting with the SAP Identity Authentication service (IAS) or using authentication through a SAML Identity Provider (IdP). Your user profile will contain a section called Password. You will be taken to the password change page if you choose Change Password.


2399123 - How to reset your password in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


If you use an SAML IdP, and the SAML administrator has not supplied the URL of the password change page to SAP, you will not be able to change your password. Contact your SAML administrator.


Change your password by performing the actions listed below if you are using a Trial account:


  1. Visit

  2. Choose Log In.

  3. Choose I'm on a trial.

  4. Choose Forgot password? on the login screen.

  5. To reset your password, enter your account email address and follow the on-screen directions.


User Preferences -

Edit Your Profile | SAP Help Portal

To edit the following options, choose (Edit) from the Profile Settings dialogue  box:


Language -                         Select your preferred language to access SAP Analytics Cloud

Data access Language -    This sets the preferred language for displaying live data and text.

Date Formatting -               Choose a date format from the list.

Time Formatting -              Choose a time format from the list.

Number Formatting -         Choose a number format from the list.

Scale Formatting -             Choose to format the number scale as short (k, m, bn) or long.

Currency Position -            Choose where to display the currency symbol (or ISO code) and scale


Clean up notifications -     Choose a date after which you want the system to delete notifications.

Otherwise, the system keeps the most recent 500 notifications.

Default Application -          Sets the landing page displayed when you access the SAP Analytics Cloud URL

Only when the user has a License for Analytics Hub will this setting be visible.

Email Notification -           Enable this feature to get emails regarding system activity, such as when a new password is set.


2869645 - How do you receive system notifications in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)? - SAP ONE Support La...


To de-activate Email Notification for individual user follow this KBA -

3032286 - Is it possible to deactivate Email notification in the profile settings for multiple users...


Home Screen Setting -


You may access your most recent news and Visualizations as tiles on your home screen. Also, you can provide practical reminders like private notes.


When you launch SAP Analytics Cloud, the Home screen shows widgets that resemble tiles to assist you in getting started with your analytics duties.


How to change Home screen background and logo ?

Customize Your Home Screen | SAP Help Portal


  • The display background and the logo that appears on the Home screen are both customizable.


  1. Click your Profile avatar in the upper-right corner, and select Home Screen Settings.

  2. Select an option from the Background list.

  3. To change the currently displayed logo, select an option from the Logo list and choose OK.


  • Adding or removing tiles from the Home screen -


  1. Click your profile avatar in the top-right corner, choose Home Screen Options.

  2.  Then select or deselect the tile you want to add or remove from the Home screen.


Request Roles -


You must be given a role that grants you access to and usage of those functionalities before you may execute actions on content, such as view, create, or edit files. You can ask for a role if you are unable to complete specific tasks.

Request Roles | SAP Help Portal

Note : If you have a trial account, you are unable to request roles.

If you're an administrator, you can directly assign roles to users or indirectly assign roles to users through teams. For more details -

Assign Roles to Users and Teams | SAP Help Portal

To request the Role you can follow this Help doc for more information -

Request Roles | SAP Help Portal


New Home Screen Note -


Together with the stories and other stuff pinned to your home screen, you may add text by creating a note.

Customize Your Home Screen | SAP Help Portal



From this blog you will get an information about User Profiles and it's functionalities. The user profile is used frequently throughout the application, for instance, to make it simple to identify the individuals. Through User profile you can change the language, logo, Background and many more.

Thanks for reading !