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A new version of the Usage Statistics known from the System Overview will be available with QRC Q2 2023 and Wave 2023.07 Release!


The Usage Statistics are part of the System Overview that can be accessed from the side menu of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

The Usage Statistics have been enhanced with more detailed information and should be a crucial component to gain insights into SAC Usage. We provide valuable insights into how SAC is being used and how projects, SAC Stories and Analytical Applications, can be improved and how adoption can be measured. This helps to make data-driven decisions and to optimise projects.

The usage statistics address several key areas, including optimising system performance, identifying opportunities for housekeeping, enhancing story design, tracking adoption progress, identifying training needs, improving data quality, analysing end-user behaviour, distributing costs effectively, and identifying popular and less popular content.

The overview provides insight into the ratio of developed content to actively used content (for a selected timeframe), allowing users to assess the efficiency of their content development efforts.

With the Adoption, users can gain insights into their project folders and their associated content. Users can view usage metrics such as adoption rate, frequency of access, project assignments, and licensing information, as well as visual trends of content access over time. This allows users to make data-driven decisions and optimise their content development efforts.


The Story Usage provides a detailed overview of the most accessed reports within the file repository. It shows the top-ranking pages, widgets, and actions for a selected Story. This feature provides insights into user behaviour and aids in the optimization of the performance.


In case you are missing information in the System Overview I encourage you create an Influence Item under join customer influence.
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